Erm, 'puter HANGS in the morning? :|

  GibsonSt19 09:59 18 Nov 2003

Hi people, for some reason whenever I leave my PC on (which is all the time), but leave it by pressing the 'Windows Key & L', when I come to return to my desk top, my mouse pointer is is moving and looking normal until I actually click on the username. The screen freezes, apart from the mouse and won't move any further. The mouse pointer icon changes from the standard pointer arrow, to the little hand, but still won't go any further so then I have to restart.

Any ideas clever people?

  so3003 10:21 18 Nov 2003

Not entirely sure why this happens, but might be worth checking WindowsUpdate to see if there are any patches you can download for your version of Windows?

Also, do you have any programs running in background when you do this? One or more of them might be causing the problem. Test this out by using task manager to close all but explorer and systray and then see if it happens again - if not, that'll be your answer!


  DieSse 11:11 18 Nov 2003

Some motherboards and their drivers have problems with stanby modes and simoultaneous screensavers - causing hangs Etc.

Try updating the motherboard and/or graphics drivers.

Make sure you don't have a screensaver running if you're using a standby mode.

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