Erm? don't really know what to say

  ShIvZ 00:35 10 Jun 2011

sup ppl im back lol

my pc been dead for a few weeks cuz of my power supply dying, so i bought a new one, and its turning on as far as i know. the fans are running inside.

but i don't get any output onto my screen so i can't see shit!

I have a splitter from my molex connecter in my PSU, then the two molex are going into my gfx card, cud it be im gettin less power into it or does it not matter.


  ShIvZ 01:33 10 Jun 2011


  woodchip 09:36 10 Jun 2011

If the PSU blew up it could have blown the CPU motherboard Hard Drive or all these, its just trial and error when this happens. I would next try the Motherboard then CPU in that order. But it may be cheaper to get a Upgrade Kite from such as Maplins if you Ram and Graphics card will fit. You can buy Motherboards with Graphics and Sound built in

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:12 10 Jun 2011

CPU fan running? Graphics Fan running? sound from Hard drives? Power LEDS lit?

Recheck all connections.

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