Eratic site login issue!!

  gazmix 21:01 30 Dec 2008

I've been a member of a site/forums/chatroom for sometime & of late there has been, for me, an issue with logging in that nobody else seems to get.

I go to the homepage click here & then to the forums link in the middle & i get a 'forum message' 'you are not logged in or you don't have permission, contact the admin!

This happens sometimes, not others, mainly after i have been offline all night, then next day i can login & later in the day i can't.

The tech team there have tried everything, told me to run CCleaner which i have, make sure 'remember me' is checked, changed the display format, webmaster has alteed a fiew things, changed username & password etc!
I'm thinking it is something to do with my private info in tools & option in my FF browser! It just won't let me login & then other times it does!
They say maybe i should reinstall & install java again.
If they can't help, i dunno what, so i thought i'd try here!

I can post a pic of what i get if anyone thinks they can help!


  gazmix 21:17 30 Dec 2008

Hi rdave13
Yeh, i tried that, & i just updated java, same issue! , like i say, it does work on FF sometimes, it did at 6pm, nothing since!
I get this page:-

User Name Remember Me?
Register Blogs FAQ Members List Calendar Chat Room [6]
Chat Room
Enter Chat Room
Enter Chat Room (Float)
6 User(s) in Chat Room
Who's Chatting

Go to Page...
Forum Message
You are not logged in or you do not have permission to access this page. To contact the administrator click here

  gazmix 21:33 30 Dec 2008

Yeh i tried all, did you get this page when you went there

Forum Message
You are not logged in or you do not have permission to access this page. To contact the administrator click here

This is what i get & can't email webmaster via site, can't re-register, can't do anything!
There is a homepage that at the bottom there is a yellow horizontal bar with a archive forums link & that got me through to be able to a java free version of the forums & i could login ok, its just getting through to the forums thats the issue!!
Tomorrow maybe ok for a while as is usual.

  gazmix 22:26 30 Dec 2008

This is what they said it was, can anyone enlighten me??

It looks like you have a rotating IP# and one of the IP#s you use was a banned number. That is why you could get on sometimes and not others. If I'm right it should work now.

-----Original Message-----

  gazmix 22:35 30 Dec 2008

well they did it at their end, i'm thinking it was something they could sort & they have done as its working!! , but i will see & post later if it fails again.. to see what i should do!


  gazmix 23:33 30 Dec 2008

this was their explanation!

There are some internet providers that rotate IP# each time the user logs in.
That means that you don't just have one IP# like I do with my internet provider.
You will get a different IP# each time you log in. You share IP#s with other users of your internet provider.
We had three trolls that used the same IP# as you did on this email. Their IP# kept rotating so I banned 91.107 which banned the whole block of IP#s.
At that time there were no matches with other members.
It still shows that you have never used that IP# for posting. It gets tricky when we are dealing with persistant trolls.
It confused me when you said it worked sometimes and not others.
That is usually a tech problem.
You must use another IP# also that is not in that block.

still not sure i actually did lol. thanks dave

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