Erasing items on a CD/RW.

  Daibus 19:15 06 Oct 2005

I took some courage and sorted all thru my CD's but I found I could not erase items on certain CD/RW's as a messge is displayed saying "Cannot delete absetup. files on this CD as they are read only" and when I try to just transfer items to the CD/RW without erase, I am told that "It is not a recordable CD".

Where am I going wrong?


  Joe R 19:42 06 Oct 2005


I stopped using cd/rw disks 4/5 years ago, as i found them to be very unreliable, and from what i've seen and heard since then, believe it is still the same.

You can buy good ( Infiniti, Verbatim and Ritek) cd/r disks for less than 25 pence each, and leave them open.

  Joe R 19:45 06 Oct 2005

In fact, less than 8 pence here.

click here

  Joe R 19:46 06 Oct 2005

oops For 8 read 12. :o)

  ade.h 19:52 06 Oct 2005

All CDFS files become read-only, certainly with XP's on packet-writing software; just check the properties of any file that you've copied to CD. This normal, but should not affect the ability to erase the disc contents.

Are you trying to erase individual files or are you using the Erase This CD-RW command in the task pane of the open folder?

  ade.h 19:54 06 Oct 2005

If CD-RWs are recorded incorrectly (not your fault, just something that happens occasionally) they can sometimes be rendered useless. I normally find them to be recoverable after a couple of attempts or a try in another PC.

  cymbo 19:59 06 Oct 2005

If Windows won't let you erase CD/RW's then you will probably find you can do it with Nero. I once had a similar problem and Nero did the trick. If you open Nero Express and click 'More' you will see an option to erase disc. Or in Nero StartSmart select 'extras' and the option is there.

  JYPX 20:03 06 Oct 2005

Do you have a current version of Real Player? I use Real Player 10 to erase any troublesome cd-rw's when other software has failed to deal with them.

  Daibus 08:28 07 Oct 2005

Thanks guys very much for your relpies and I did erase with Real Player 10 JYPX - something I would not have thought of but still if I right click on the drive in Windows I am told it is not accessable.

One more point - I am using Roxio Basic Cd Creator but if I've just recorded one track say and go back to add another the CD/RW I am told is full or unrecordable - how do I keep it open?

Cheers again.

  Daibus 10:55 08 Oct 2005


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