Erasing CD-RW

  Why me 14:11 06 May 2006

Rather than waste a CD I recently I copied a 2 minute video onto a CD-RW disk using SVCD format to see whether what I wanted to record was acceptable. I was using Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6. It played OK on my domestic DVD player so I then repeated the copy process and used a CD-R for what I wanted.

However I now have a problem: I cannot erase the CD-RW using the computer I used to write the clip in the first place. Using a second computer with Nero installed I can erase the disc but the disc is not recognised and it will NOT record using the first machine.

As an experiment I did a disc copy on to the above CD-RW and tried it on my domestic CD player. It would not play. It did play using the DVD player and it did play using the first computer. Even in this instance machine one would not erase the disk

Is it my machine at fault or what.

Any advice would be appreciated

  phil46 14:56 06 May 2006

The fact that you played the DVDRW disk on your
DVD player points that you have finalized the disk so you will not be able to erase it once you have done this.

  Confab 15:06 06 May 2006

You can erase a finalized RW. Just reformat it using either roxio or Nero and you will have a new blank Cd or DVD


  Confab 15:10 06 May 2006

Sorry should have said erase not reformat. Use the full erase not the quick erase option.


  Confab 16:59 06 May 2006

Its better to post on the forum as you'll find a bigger audience.

Sent this mail to me.

As I said the problem is that the first computer will not recognise the CD-RW that I erased using Nero on the second machine. I had to try the second machine since I could make no progress with the first

  Confab 17:03 06 May 2006

CD and DVD RW's are not the most reliable of media and in fact I've had loads that I've had to throw away as I could not re-write to them. They only have a finite life and I guess that if your is unreadable or unwriteable after using NERO erase (full erase) then it's probably time to chuck it in the bin.


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