Eraser 6 - How to ?

  Furkin 09:47 16 Oct 2013



I just read the article on Eraser 6 in PCA, & thought I might give it a try.

It explains how to delete a known/named file, but how would one delete files that we don’t know the name of, or where they are ?

For eg: I recently sent a hdd to be repaired, and wanted to sanitise it. Obviously over the years, these things collect millions of files, that thicko’s like me, don’t even know the name of etc.

A: On a hdd, how do we delete everything ?

B: On a hdd, how do we delete ‘deleted’ files (if we don’t know what they are called,,,, or where they are) ?

I looked on the Eraser site for contact details, but I guess we don’t get that option until we download the program.

cheers all

  Bris 10:59 16 Oct 2013

See here:


The final part of wiping the HDD (writes 1s & 0s on every sector which completely overwrites everything thats on it) can be done with Ccleaner. Click on tools>drive wiper.

  spuds 11:06 16 Oct 2013

There's quite a bit of information on a Google search. This link might be helpful

  spuds 11:11 16 Oct 2013

I seem to be making an hash of links just lately. If you use the information in the link on a Google search, it should take you to Eraser and Eraser 6 forum (for instructions and answers) and download

  Furkin 12:46 18 Oct 2013

Thanks guys,

Sorry for the delay - I don't get Notifications very often.

I'll follow this up later (after hospital).

I'm also having to Log-on at each visit now - didn't used to !


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