Eraseing DVD+RW disks

  Martin7 21:52 29 Dec 2003

I am using Norton's Ghost 2003 to backup my system to DVD+RW disks. I used to back it up to CD-RW and these disks could be erased using Nero Burning software, and the disks then appeared completely blank i.e. as new. However, the Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD software has not got this function for DVD+RW you can only format the disk. This is of no use as Norton's Ghost says the disk is no blank and rejects it. Does any one know of a programme that will erase rewriteable DVD so that they apear blank?

  SpyMan²°°­­³ {:o)){--< 22:01 29 Dec 2003

Try this...

Double click "My computer"...and right click the DVD RW drive (with DVD in it) and click 'format'. This will then completely erase everything off the DVD.

p.s This function is only available with certain operating systems.

  rickf 22:03 29 Dec 2003

Presumably, you still got nero. Just choose from the applet recorder and slect quick erase.

  rickf 22:04 29 Dec 2003

"Recorder" and select quick erase in the box. Hope this is clearer.

  rickf 22:06 29 Dec 2003

Sorry, should read " Recorder" and then select "erase rewritable" and its done.

  Martin7 22:13 29 Dec 2003

I should have said I am using Window XP Home edition - The only format comand available for the drive is the one which the Pinnacle software puts there which formates it as a DVD+RW disk which Norton's say is then not a blank disk.

  Martin7 22:15 29 Dec 2003

Yes I have still have the Nero software but this says it can't erase the DVD in the drive may be because the software came with the CD drive?

  rickf 11:23 30 Dec 2003

Martin. How about reinstalling nero again. Mine is also a bundled version and the facility to erase rewritable is there under the Recorder applet. What vbersion is it and have you unpgraded it? Also if you format your disc via In-CD may help.

  Martin7 19:49 30 Dec 2003

Rickf, Have tried uninstalling both the Pinnacle software and Nero software then re-installed Nero. The Nero only allows burning to the drive it came with which is a CD drive not a DVD drive the version is 5.5. So for the moment I have reistalled the Pinnacle as that allows me to use both the CD drive and the DVD drive, I found with both software installed together there are conflicts as they appear to both want to take control of the drives, especially the Pinnacle software. Thanks for your help.

  Martin7 21:05 30 Dec 2003

Thanks everyone! I have been back to the pinnacle web site and found the information I required. So I am now able to completely blank a DVD+RW disk so that it appears as new without any formate on it which Norton's Ghost 2003 accepts!
Thank you again for you input.

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