Erased my entire NAS, how to recover?

  Jerkinator 18:27 16 Jan 2016

Title pretty much says it all...

How to recover? Synology DS215j mounted with 2 x 4TB WD Red

So I tried doing a fabric reinstall from inside the DSM. Apparently it was a DELETE ALL option and now i´ve gotten 2 empty disks. Anyway to get the data back that i´ve just deleted? Its a DS215j, mounted with 2 x 4TB WD Red. Just hooked one of them to a windows rig, and saw it had a 100% free space, so nothing on them.. Was running, as far as I remember, DSM 5.2 while this happen. As i´ve never tried things like this before, a how to, step by step giude, would be very much apriciated. :D

  karelizaac 06:08 18 Jan 2016

NAS systems are Linux based and don't use Windows file format. Try attaching one to Linux based machine and then running a File(Linux) recovery software.Check your NAS manual or call technical support for advice. Since you have 2 drives it makes the situation more complex. If you have a good, recent backup, you can restore the files from that. And if you don't have a good backup, the NAS manual and tech support don't help. If data is really important you can use data recovery services like Stellar to recover data.

ALl the best!!

and your data is worth spending a lot of money, you can use a data recovery service like Ontrack or DriveSavers. Just make sure they know what type of NAS system contained these drives and whether they were part of a RAID.

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