Erase hard drive

  duck1 20:11 13 Dec 2003

I am selling my computer and want to know of any third party programs that can destroy all my information on my hard drive without useing f disk as i dont wnt to go to the bank one day and find my account drained. any help would be appreciated.I also dont want to buy a new hard drive and replace it either thanks!!

  [email protected]@m 20:19 13 Dec 2003

I'm sure someone will come up with the answer you want, but be aware if someone is determined to extract data from your drive after it has been 'erased', it can be done!

  VoG II 20:21 13 Dec 2003

Check the drive manufacturer's website. They should have a facility to "zero fill" the drive.

  Belatucadrus 22:18 13 Dec 2003
  Chegs ® 23:55 13 Dec 2003

If you really want to destroy data beyond recovery,then its time to crank up the oven temp.None of the supposed wiping tools will make it impossible.If you simply format and reinstall windows,thats as good as it can be.

  TECHNODIMWIT 00:06 14 Dec 2003

I can Email you a copy as attatchment if you want.

just send me your address via the envelope.

copy to floppy disc and start your PC and erase the drive.


  Peter 00:13 14 Dec 2003


Programmes like Norton SpeedDisk have an option to wipe the free space on a disk, but as others have said "if someone is determined to extract data from your drive after it has been 'erased', it can be done!" Even fdisk can be reversed by the use of a programme called MBRWorks. Formatting can be reversed with UnFormat from Norton.

What is important here is "if someone is determined enough". Usually deleting the data, emptying the recycle bin, defragmenting and wiping the free space will be sufficient to hide your information from most people.


  duck1 07:20 14 Dec 2003

thanks guys i found eraser and will use it!!Chegs i dont have a crank on my oven either cheers

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