Erase files from CD-RW

  crgb 08:13 16 May 2004

I have 'Read Only' folders backed up on rewriteable CDs that I want to erase. How do I clear everything off the disk and start again? My software won't let me do it. I run Windows XP.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:03 16 May 2004

What software? NEro should allow you to format the disk, as should other software I think. Do you have InCD installed?

For what it's worth, I would suggest you bin the disk and use another one. They are pretty cheap nowadays and while reliability has increased in recent times, they are still not perfect.

  crgb 09:27 16 May 2004

Not sure what the software is - it came with the box. Could be LG / Roxio if that means anything. What is InCD?

I agree cds are cheap now so is there any point in using rewriteable cds? Won't recordable ones be as good?

  Diodorus Siculus 09:33 16 May 2004

Roxio is a CD writing program but I don't know much about it.

I generally use CD-Rs with the multisession option which means that I can put on as data at different times until the disk is full. Generally they are about 15p each.

  pj123 11:32 16 May 2004

Did you format the CD/RW? If so then Explorer should be able to delete the files, or failing that Powerdesk 5 will delete them, you will get a message about "read only, are you sure" just click yes. You can get Powerdesk from the PCA download page click here

If the CD/RW is not formatted then you have to delete the files using the same programme that you put them on the CD in the first place, like Nero, or in your case Roxio. InCD is a packet writing software that normally comes with Nero. Don't know what the equivalent is in Roxio but there should be something on the install disk that will tell you.

  rawprawn 12:14 16 May 2004

If you get Eraser free, I think that will clear here

  rawprawn 13:22 16 May 2004

There is a format utility in Roxio Easy CD Creator, you can use that & simply reformat.

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