Eraising DVD+RW

  Granddad Ray 14:48 17 Jul 2006

I bought some Panasonic DVD+RW. I used the ist one as temporary measure to pass some presentation data to a friend. He successfully copied the data and it loaded succesfully. However when I came to erase the DVD, the erase process was curtailed by windows. Does anybody know what has happened?

  Shortstop 14:51 17 Jul 2006

"the erase process was curtailed by windows"

What exactly happened? Was there a warning screen?


  Granddad Ray 15:02 17 Jul 2006

Yes a box came up in the CD Writing Wizaed saying: " The wizaed cannot finisherasing this disc and has stopped the process. Please try erasing this disc again to make sure the disc is ready to use" I tried several times inserting and reinserting the disc, the result was the same

  Shortstop 15:05 17 Jul 2006

Have you tried My Computer> Right click on DVD writer> choose Format?

  GroupFC 15:11 17 Jul 2006

The clue to my mind is in the phrase "the CD Writing Wizaed"... as I understand it XP does not support "packet-writing" to DVD, and I would therefore have thought that it is not possible to erase a DVD+RW, in this way, unlike CDRW.

I would have thought that you would have to use the burning s/ware, such as Nero to erase the DVD.

Of course, I may be barking up completely the wrong tree (it has been known!), how did you right the data tp the DVD in the first place?

  Granddad Ray 12:14 18 Jul 2006

By using a domestic DVD recorder/player by Toshiba

  GroupFC 12:21 18 Jul 2006

I supect that this is a problem between how the disc has been written to and then using windows to try and erase it!

When you say "presentation data" and you used a "domestic DVD recorder/player" to record this, what form is this data in? Did you finalise the disc in the recorder/player? Have tried erasing the disc in the recorder/player?

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