Equiv Duo 2 Core CPU to a Intel D940 3.2GHz

  Audio~~Chip 00:59 19 Dec 2008

Trying to find a newer replacment for a Intel D940 3.2GHz, 4MB x2, 800MHz, 130w model. Code is SL94Q

I know the D940 is a older type of Duo core but its not a original Duo 2 Exxx type. So can someone tell me what Duo 2 CPU matches Please.


  GaT7 01:41 19 Dec 2008

An E2140 may be one of the closest (I could find anyway) click here.

If you let us know your motherboard, it may be easier to suggest something that's compatible & also comes with a good price tag.

As you may know, these Core 2 Duo chips are highly overclockable. Paired with a good cooler, you could take it to an even higher level. G

  GaT7 02:09 19 Dec 2008

Also see your other related thread click here - I've added info that may be helpful here as well. G

  Audio~~Chip 07:35 19 Dec 2008

I worked it out after I closed the post. Their are 2 D940 Processors 3.2GHz, the one I have to work with is the 4MB L2 x2 Cahce, and 130w Thermal not 90Watt Thermal. This is why I have had loads of problems unles the MSI board covered both D940s and only stated the 1 CPU as been compatible.

My mistake but you wouldn't expect their to be x2 CPU's (Well I didn't)

Thanks Crossbow7

  Audio~~Chip 07:58 19 Dec 2008

The FSB was a 4MB x2 L2Cache, 800MHz FSB, 3.2GHz.
I was looking at something like a E7300 which is a 1MB of cache short.

The motherboard I have matched with a E7300 is a Gigabyte GA-EP31-DS3L with IP31 Express chipset.

Problem I got is the Comptuer must be done Sat, the MSI board may be ok and not be faulty but for cover I prefer to have the board in just incase, Money isn't a problem its a time thing now which is critical.

I ask now is the D940, 3.2GHz, with 130w Thermal design with the 800MHz FSB and the 4MB L2 (x2) Cache compatible. I think I am right just dont' want to make the mistake like I did with the MSI board.

As it list the 2 CPU's for the Gigabyte board this board will take the 130w so I also answer my own questiion.

After all this messing round, its all been my fault. Didn't see the difference of the D940 being a higher Thermal 130watt model. Arrhhhhhh.

Thank you Crossbow7 and best wishes!

  GaT7 18:43 19 Dec 2008

You may be over-complicating things....

The motherboards in question are compatible with the following CPUs:

MSI P965 Neo-F click here

Gigabyte GA-EP31-DS3L (rev 1.0) click here

The other things you need to know for each motherboard is their present BIOS version & rev (revision) number.

The manufacturers provide us with a list so we don't have to work out the complexity of compatibility - other than noting the present BIOS & rev, comparing it against their list & updating the BIOS if necessary only (The latest BIOS will be compatible with all the CPUs mentioned in the list(s) for that revision number).

Thus, trying to determine compatibility via FSB, thermal design, cache, etc isn't necessary at all.

Best wishes to you too Audio~~Chip :-), G

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