YAMA 23:52 10 Dec 2011

hello room, need help here, as soon as posible, my epson will not except only its own make any way how to get round it ,cheers yama

  spuds 00:00 11 Dec 2011

I assume that you might be talking about print cartridges?.

If so, tell us more about the actual problem you are experiencing.

  YAMA 01:11 11 Dec 2011

got it printing but the colour has gone hay wire, I am going to try a nother print smaller to save the ink and see how that go's cheers yama----right do not know what I have done press this alter that --any way I seem to have got it working, only thing nw is that I change all the inks, but they are showing full except the black showing half full,??? but at leased the machine has excepted the inks, so if you know the answer to the black,can you let me know, and so thanks for answering my question fast, you got me thinking, again thanks spuds regards yama

  spuds 13:33 11 Dec 2011

If you are having problems with ink, you could try this download

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