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Epson XP760 Printer connection problems

  bluetwo 10:38 03 Feb 2017

Recently I changed from all Sky to all Virginmedia. I also, due to a necessary cleanup reformatted my Dell Zino (OS Windows 7 Professional). A message appeared tellimg me that 7 is no longer supported. My problem is twofold. !. My printer (WiFi) still refers to Sky . 2 When I managed to start the set up using the VM site I find on my printrr LED upper case letters. This means that I cannot plug in the password which is mostly lower case. Previously there was a window which aallowed selection. My computer finally recognised the printer and allowed me to register it but will not communicate with the printer. Any ideas? I'm desparate! Thanks in anticipation.. P.S. I have laptop with Win 10 but that won't communicate either¬

  sharpamat 08:38 04 Feb 2017

I have no problems with my 750 ( this proceded the 760) I am running 10 and use VM, for connection i use USB with my laptom using wieless

I Would Suggest tou first Remove your Printer Completley from your system then Check your Hard drive removing anythig thats been left and reboot .Following the on screen ( Printer screen )Reinstall useing USB inatilly. alow epson to update the Drivers when requested. Then follow the installation selecting just what you require. After this is checked and working.Then connect your laptop wirelessally againg follwing the printer screen instructions

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