Epson XP 600 Printer Problem

  bear73 11:09 06 Dec 2016


My printer has started switching itself off when not connected to my desktop pc via the USB cable. I have taken to working in the kitchen as it is warmer than the study and for the last 3 weeks have been using the Epson remote print function if I needed to print (all been working fine). Today though it didn't print and when I went to check the printer it was off (I had switched it on moments earlier). I turned it on again, it fired up and I left the room to print again and the same thing happened. I then stood and watched and after 20 seconds of being on the printer turns itself off. It allows me to turn it back on but just does the same over and over again. I took the pc back in and connected it via the USB to the printer and all seems fine, prints, copies etc. The moment i took the USB out of my PC the printer went off immediately. Any idea what the issue could be?


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