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Epson xp-225 printer problems help

  Anon-2455764 19:41 16 Jan 2020

Hi everyone, i have an epson xp-225. i have been trying to replace the ink but i use compatable ones. in the past they all worked fine. this time no luck, the printer itself is missing one of the cartridge connection prongs in one of the cartridge placements but this hasnt been a problem in the past, the ink light on the printer goes out when all 4 cartridges are installed but as soon as i press the on/off button the light goes back on again, 3 of the cartridges are showing as full on the printer menu on desktop, i have tried the usual turn off / on leave it for 10 mins, cleaning the connections etc.. these are the same brand as before so im stumped now as to y they dont work now,,,any advice please, thanks

  Anon-307956 21:55 18 Jan 2020

Looks as if a more specialist forum site might be best in this case.

Your problem sounds as if it may not apply only to Epsons, so even with forums divided by manufacturer, I'd start by searching the entire site (leaving out the make/model). Could save time (and sometimes find a relevant how-to article). is one example. It also sounds like one for the forums (they feature a lot of d-i-y solutions that aren't in the interests of obsolescence).

The US forums usually yield more results than UK ones but, like other IT stuff, printers often have a very different name for each market. I've found it very fiddly to even check whether it does (unless the user guide mentions it), until I tried an image search on the manufacturer's photo, which does the trick for me. (Some thumbnails show the URL and so the country, but most are from US sites anyway). And sometimes the answer I need turns out to be in an Australian forum, (maybe because of the high proportion of users favouring plain English!).

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