epson waste tank for sx115

  conrail 08:35 02 Mar 2010

just purchased an epson stylus sx115 all in one printer for wife, I have a waste tank on my epson, click here I would like to get one for the sx115, plus fiting instructions, can anybody point me in the right direction please? a search of these forums and the web have not helped, all help gratefully accepted

  Mydel 09:08 02 Mar 2010

Not juts in Epson products, it is important to have genuine and highly reliable ink cartridge refills. I've found some good ones in click here

I know some friends whose printers got busted because they bought low quality refills from some individuals who do not even know the concept of quality control.

  conrail 10:43 02 Mar 2010

thank you for your reply Mydel, I only ever use genuine inks and have an account with epson, this item is for a waste tank, this item stops the waste ink pads from filling up and the unit requiring a service.

  Input Overload 10:56 02 Mar 2010

I never use genuine ink (For Years) & print hundreds of sheets a month on my Canon.

conrail It's not difficult to construct a waste ink tank Blue Peter style for penny's. A bit of pipe from the motor shop & a box with a lid on from WH Smith, or look in the shed/garage.

  conrail 11:06 02 Mar 2010

thanks Input Overload, I agree with you but my problem is I need to ensure that I remove the correct end of the waste pipe on the printer, get the wrong end and the waste ink runs into the back of the printer

  Sea Urchin 13:51 02 Mar 2010

You've marked this as resolved - but if not then there is a site called wasteink

click here

If you click on Waste Ink Mods and then General Instructions it should give you some helpful advice. I don't think your new printer is specifically there as yet, but the other 2 or 3 models may suffice to help you.

  conrail 17:28 06 Mar 2010

thank you Sea Urchin, I have got one including the instructions, had to make sute I took the right end off the printer waste pipe,got it from a company called twenty_four_seven_shop

  printerinks 16:07 12 May 2010

Is this what you are looking for? click here

If you want the OEM is try
click here

  uk24feb 12:51 13 May 2010

There are few out there that could provide inks, mainly I get mine from eBay

click here

click here
click here

That was a quick scan from Google

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