Epson Troubles

  Chaz10 10:51 02 Jan 2003
  Chaz10 10:51 02 Jan 2003

I wonder if anyone can help me? I recently upgraded my computers motherboard to a Chaintech 7VJL I reformated HDD to make sure it was a clean install and since then my printer does not work (Epson stylus color 800) when asked to print it just prints a set of random letters down one side of the page, the only way I can stop it is to actually turn it off ,the drivers I am using are Windows XP default (no others available) the printer works well on a PC Chips motherboard and a ECS K7S5A.When I look in device manager there are no problems reported.

Can anyone help


  rickf 11:28 02 Jan 2003

Uninstall and re-install. Should work.

  Chaz10 11:35 02 Jan 2003

Thanks for your response ,I've tried uninstall and reinstall also I've tried changing the IRQ setting from within the bios and changing the printer to ECP mode but I still get the same rubbish printing out!

  rickf 15:41 02 Jan 2003

Refresh this prob and others more knowledgeable may come up with suggestions.

  rickf 15:42 02 Jan 2003

Just a thought-maybe you need to go the Epson sute to download drivers for XP. I noticed you are using default ones.

  Chaz10 17:20 02 Jan 2003

Just been to the epson site and the message "no drivers available for this selection" I can't understand why it won't work as the other computers I have tried with XP installed the printer works perfectly. Chaintech have no information on this problem.If you attach a printer(epson c40) via the USB then no problem but the color 800 has no USB port.Any suggestions!

  BlueMeanie 17:58 02 Jan 2003

Hi Chaz - is Dave alright ?? LOL

Sorry for the above

It does seem that that you need the correct printer driver (I assume that your cable etc is OK). Try this Epson link for info on your printer.

click here

If your printer is not listed, is there is similar one ie the Photo 700 and photo 750 can both use each other's drivers (I've done that)


  Chaz10 19:26 02 Jan 2003

I've just tried the drivers for the stylus color 860 and a different cable and I get nothing at all with that, might now try plan B and get the large hammer from out of the garage!!!!!!!!!!

  siouxah1 19:37 02 Jan 2003


Try here

They do have some for the 800 but says all windows.You might like to give it a try.

Regards Brian

  siouxah1 19:40 02 Jan 2003

Sorry that link does not seem to work try


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