Epson SX445W wireless connection

  Borrel 17:12 03 May 2012


New to this site; I wondered if anyone had the same problems with wireless connection, and could recommend a printer that might avoid the problems.

As background, i have just bought a SX445W all in one and tried to set it up for wireless connection, but it would not be recognised. Eventually managed to get a connection using the manual set up (and after wasting several hours trying different methods, and talking to Epson). Tried it again a few days later, and no joy, all the settings are correct, but no test sheet can be printed. Looked though as much of the Epson support material as I could handle, have to say they tend to write with assumed knowledge and rather ambiguously; makes for slow and painful reading. Eventually took time off work and contacted them again today. They agreed that all should be working okay, and wondered if I had made any changes to my laptop. I hadn't, and no auto updates have been made. I was sent a bundle of "support sheets", some of which I had read already, others that did not address the problem. Nothing seemed to work, and they then decided that the problems must be in my network setting or with my router, and basically declined to assist further. My network is working fine, and so was the printer, now it is not; it leads me to think that the problem still lies with the printer connection. Anyway, it seems I now have to choose between sending it back, and being without a printer, or not using the machine wirelessly.

From reading other feedback on Amazon, etc, this appears to be a regular problem; so why can Epson get away with it? Were this to be a washing machine or a camera, and such a lot of user input was required, and even then the product might, or might not work, it would be considered unfit for purpose. I understand from their support staff that all Epson printers work on the same wireless system, and I have to conclude that this is a Beta product, or at least, a beta facility.

So, can anyone recommend a workable wi-fi printer; preferably one that will work with water fast inks. Or is it a question of waiting until the technology improves?

  Nontek 17:32 03 May 2012

I have exactly the same All-in-one, I have set it up Wireless and am totally delighted with it.

I would suggest that you re-install it following the original instructions exactly to the letter. I assume you did notice, that a USB cable is required for the initial setup? Once up and running the USB cable can be discarded.

If you subsequently want to allow another PC to share the Wireless printing, you need to install the original software on that machine as well.

Stick with it, it is one of the best printers I have ever owned, and I have had quite a few over the years, all Epson.

  KRONOS the First 17:42 03 May 2012

I have just swapped from a HP printer because of a similar problem to you and went back to Epson. Not the same model as yours I might add, but compared to the HP this was a breeze. I to installed with the USB to begin with then using the supplied disk went wireless and must say it all went very well.

It might be that you should uninstall everything to do with the printer and start again with the installation process.

  Diemmess 17:45 03 May 2012

It was years ago that I last bought an inkjet. My hazy memories seem to recall a short spell with the driver CD and then simple plug in the USB lead and print.

However, this week I bought an Epson 438W and times have changed. I only completed the settings this am having pressed most of the wrong buttons at some stage.

The last task was to make the wi-fi connection to a laptop and the time it took merely to push the drivers into the laptop.

There is a stage in the middle of all this in addition to installation on the laptop where the old order reigneth........ the obvious leave the USB lead until the computer tells me to...... At this point -there was a stage when I specifically had a "Radio button" choice to connect it to the network. This means that the printer is going to be available both as hard wired and also Wi-Fi.

In Printers and Faxes I can choose between Epson 438W and Epson 438W(Network)

Phew. At least I was able to type in the long password to the Router using the keyboard, unlike the first installation where I had to peer at the tiny display and work my way though the numbers. (Like texting? I don't do texting)!

Sorry if this isn't much help but i have had my rant about poor printed instructions, bent it seems on having a vast list of languages and not much space left for details.

Two very obvious tests. Will the printer print a testpage from the computer?

Did you select the right printer - (Network)?

  Borrel 17:54 03 May 2012

This is really interesting (although depressing to learn that HP are if anything worse!). Yes, I did initially install with the lead, although even with such a direct communication, it would not be recognised (and I did follow the instructions exactly - I am not clever enough to take short cuts!). Hence I contacted Epson, thinking the unit was faulty. After speaking with two different technicians, they eventually got it to work by using the manual set up. And yes, it was great while it lasted - Epson are by far the best printers in my experience, and the DuraBrite ink the brightest and fastest available. I installed drivers in both the lap top and the desk top, by the way, and the USB linked desktop works fine. All seems to be connected, and should be working properly on the lap top as well; Epson have confirmed that. I have not made any changes, neither has there been any updates to the laptop.

I need this printer to work, for work, and really don't enjoy messing about with changing settings and the like. If need be I can survive without the wireless connection, but it would have been so useful and, as I had bought it, it seemed a shame that it could not be used.

  Borrel 17:56 03 May 2012

Hi Diemmess

Yes, the instructions really are a pain. I cannot print a test pasge, and the correct computer is selected.

  Diemmess 19:07 03 May 2012

I feel you have grounds to be firmer with Epson though perhaps these days it is the retailer who has responsibility for 12 months.

Probably 10 years ago a new Epson Printer made horrifying noises and was unusable.

Epson sent an engineer (with a spare printer in his van) He fixed the trouble with an 'oily rag' and that was that.

Maybe those days belong firmly to history, but it either works or it doesn't and this seems clearcut. So the demand should be....... Either fix it, replace it, or refund in full.

  Diemmess 19:31 03 May 2012

Just a thought.

My first laptop wouldn't connect.

Novatech posted a replacement Wi-Fi card


  Borrel 20:17 03 May 2012

Well, funnily enough, I think I might have made some progress. And I'll tell you about it, in case anyone else gets in the same position. The support pages talk about two different types of port and, taking the plunge, I deleted the installed EpsonNet Print Port, and installed the "inferior" Standard TCP/IP Port, which needed a manual IPS address, rather than auto. It worked; the test page printed, and all else seems okay.

I've turned the thing off now, and left the laptop in a dark room (!), with luck it will still be working when I switch on tomorrow (but I ain't holding my breath).

Thanks for your help, guys; it was good to get the reassurance.

  Nontek 20:54 03 May 2012

Good luck, I hope all will be ok when you next try it.

  Borrel 19:28 11 May 2012

Sadly not... I giving up on this one!

Thanks for your help, guys!

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