Epson SX435W vs SX445W. What is the difference ?

  mooly 08:20 12 Jun 2012

Looking at these two printers and I can't just spot any obvious difference between these models apart from price. Anyone any ideas ?

Some good deals at the moment on both these.

  Nontek 09:00 12 Jun 2012

I have the SX445W, just looked at the SX435W via Google, noticed that the Control Panels are slightly different.

IMHO the 445W is excellent all round!

  northumbria61 10:57 12 Jun 2012

Cheapest at Amazon enter link description here

  mooly 11:03 12 Jun 2012

Thanks Nontek.

Looks like I will be going for the SX445 then. Hope I can get it to work wirelessly with my BT home hub OK

  mooly 11:05 12 Jun 2012

Thanks northumbria61. I think all these companies must track each others pricing. Just looking at Argos offers and they are same price too today.

  Nontek 11:41 12 Jun 2012


I had no problems getting mine to work wirelessly via my BT Infinity BB.

  Woolwell 12:09 12 Jun 2012

I've got the SX535WD and is was very straightforward to set up. I've got it working with 3 systems (W7, Vista and XP), my android phone and iPad.

  robin_x 12:26 12 Jun 2012

The CD Install hung halfway through on my cheapo SX130 last week.

Reboot and 2nd attempt was fine. Just a minor sweaty moment.

  mooly 13:12 12 Jun 2012

Thanks folks. I have one new SX445W from Argos ready to unpack and install which will be tomorrow at the earliest now. Good to hear most of you had no issues with wireless connectivity.

  mooly 19:30 14 Jun 2012

Just a quick update... I finally had chance to unpack and set the printer up today. I just followed the instructions and the wizards on the install CD and printing and scanning all worked first time wireless-ly.

Quick question if anyone has any idea... I thought I would have to input some details such as my router password etc but nothing was asked for. Why was that ? I'm assuming the router (A BT HomeHub) is in the chain rather than just PC to printer direct. Can anyone confirm that.

  Nontek 21:41 14 Jun 2012

I believe it is just well written Epson software.

Glad you are sorted.


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