Epson SX415 Printing Problems

  Joe G 16:13 31 Mar 2013

Hi all

I have a approx 2 year old Epson SX415 (not heavily used) and after a recent cartridge change the black ink has stopped printing. I have cleaned the heads several times and changes the cartridge but no luck - the other cartridges are printing ok - any ideas of the cause and a solution?

  spuds 17:42 31 Mar 2013

If the other cartridges are printing okay, then its most likely not a waste ink tank problem.

Are the cartridges Epson or compatibles, and from the same supplier?.

You say "not heavily used". Does this mean that the printer is perhaps not used on a daily or weekly basis, but just shut-down and left?.

You could try for a possible solution.

  Joe G 17:51 31 Mar 2013

Thanks - my old printer died from a full waste ink tank - I tried taking it apart and cleaning it out but never got it to work again!

The cartridges are ASDA compatibles - I had used other compatibles previously but had lots of problems with those so went over to more expensive ASDA ones which up until now have been much better. It is used intermittently so some weeks it can be used almost every day but at other times maybe only nce a fortnight or so

Will check out the link - thanks again

  spuds 18:40 31 Mar 2013

When you say that you have cleaned the heads several times, do you do this manually or use the Epson to clean the heads

If you do it manually, how do you do this, using what?.

You might find this useful (4 pages)

  Joe G 21:37 31 Mar 2013

I just use the head cleaning utility on the Epson - not manually

  Joe G 21:41 31 Mar 2013

Thanks for the link - looks like a major task and easy to get wrong when putting back together again!

  woodchip 22:41 31 Mar 2013

Dried ink the jets for black. this most likely by using different inks and they have been different. you should stick to one type and if changing you should use a cleaning cart to flush out all jets before fitting different types

  woodchip 22:42 31 Mar 2013

PS check Vent hole on Black cart is clear, if air cannot get in, ink cannot get out

  martd7 22:46 31 Mar 2013

Glad i dont have an epson hp for me zero problems using compatibles and zero downtime cleaning the heads

  woodchip 23:07 31 Mar 2013

It can happen to any Inkjet Printer

  martd7 15:17 01 Apr 2013

Mainly canon,lexmark and epson, because the heads built into the printer,hps print heads built into the cartridge thus your buying a new print head In the time ive had hp its not been a problem for me and that must be over 10 years,3 hp printers Not saying it doesnt happen ,just saying ive had all those printers and the hp is the only one ive never had to run a clean cycle like i had the canon

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