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Epson Sx235W - how to change cartridges?

  IanS1 18:53 08 Jul 2014

Can anyone tell me how to change the print cartridges in an Epson Stylus SX235W?

I seem to have lost the instruction sheet and cannot remember how to stop the cartridge block disappearing off to the far right of the machine under the plastic housing where they are inaccessible.

I know it's simply a matter of pressing the right buttons or turning things on and/or off in the correct t way to bring the cartridges out into an accessible position, but I have tried every combination of buttons I can think of and trial and error just doesn't seem top be working for me.

My thanks in advance to anyone who has one of these printers and knows how to change the cartridges.


  BRYNIT 19:00 08 Jul 2014

Go to the Epson web site CLICK HERE input model number and download the instructions.

  IanS1 07:51 27 Jul 2014

You cannot change the cartridges merely by opening the lid of the printer (, of course, otherwise I would not have asked about it). Nor (afaik) can you find the instructions online from that link to Epson’s website.

What you actually do is -

  1. Turn the printer on
  2. Open the lid (ie the top of the printer).
  3. Press and hold down the red Ink-&-Paper warning button on the far right for 6 seconds(ie the button marked with a red triangle).
  4. Wait for the Ink carriage to re-position itself and come to a halt
  5. Press the Ink-&-Paper warning button once again just briefly (don't hold it down), which then moves the cartridges to an accessible position.

Once the cartridge carriage has stopped in the accessible position, you can easily unclip the old cartridge and clip in a new cartridge. Note however, that whilst you must remove the short strip of yellow sticky tape across the top of the cartridge, DO NOT remove the small piece of clear sticky tape which covers the ink nozzle at the bottom of the cartridge (that is automatically pieced to open it when you clip the new cartridge into place).

In my case the above still did not get the printer working again, because the sensor in the printer refused to recognise the new ink cartridge, which means the ink warning light stays on and the power button blinks continuously.

That may have been because, like almost everyone else (I imagine), I am using non-original replacement cartridges which typically cost about £3 for a set of all 4 colours. Whereas the Epson original cartridges seem to cost an unbelievable £25 to £30 for one single set of the 4 ink colours.

However, after repeatedly switching the printer on and off (including unplugging the power several times), I was finally able to get the ink warning light to go out and the power light to stop blinking. In which condition the printer works correctly. Although, if you then switch it off (eg after finishing with printing for the day), the same problem occurs again and the ink warning light is displayed again (i.e. "does not recognise one or more cartridges“). The only remedy appears to be to do the same thing again - i.e. keep switching it off-&-on until it eventually decides that the detected cartridges are in fact compatible and OK to use.

You might of course avoid that if you pay £25-£30 for Epson original cartridges (although that's just a guess of course), though the printer itself only costs about £30 anyway.

It's actually a very nice little all-in-one printer when it works. I.e., it prints very nicely, it's very neat, small, and stylish to use. Just a shame that (a)if you lose the paper instructions for cartridge change, then it's not obvious how to get access to the cartridges to replace them, and (b)it seems to have major problems recognising any replacement cartridges, and you need "clear" that issue before it will print again.

  BT 09:28 27 Jul 2014


There is no LED display on the SX235W

Simplest way is to use the Maintenace Tab in the Printing Preferences window and choose the Replace Cartridges option which walks you through it.

I use Jet Tec cartidges in mine and never have any problems with them being recognised. Usually get them BOGOF from Inkfactory. The cost works out about the same as Choice Think ones but with twice as much ink and much more reliable.

  BT 11:57 27 Jul 2014

If you lift the scanner lid as if to change the cartridges the instructions are actually embossed into the plastic over where the cartridges park. A little difficult to see but a torch at an angle will show them up.

  bumpkin 18:45 27 Jul 2014

If all else fails, switch the power off at the wall socket when it is in mid position.

  Jollyjohn 22:02 27 Jul 2014

In my experience of Epson printers the cartridges will only present themselves for change when the lid is lifted when they are 100% empty, otherwise you need to go to the Maintenance Tab in printer settings and select cartridge change. Sometimes you need to do this twice and reseat the new cartridge.

  IanS1 14:14 28 Jul 2014

OK guys, thanks very much for all the helpful ideas and explanations. Incidentally, however, if you follow that link to Epson in the above post, and go to Printing & Ink Cartridges, and then to Changing Ink Cartridges, the next page actually says "see the paper manual" lol.

On the cartridge compatibility issue - has anyone else had problems with this printer refusing to recognise various replacement cartridges (I've tried three different types/suppliers of non-Epson types)? I.e., as explained above;- after replacing the cartridge the ink warning light remains on and the printer will not print until it thinks that problem has been cleared and the light goes out (which for me, only happens if I keep switching the power on & off repeatedly until the printer finally decides the new replacement cartridge is OK after all) .... anyone else had that problem?

  IanS1 17:07 30 Jul 2014

Thanks MechKB 2. By complete coincidence those are the same cartridges I just ordered as replacements in case it's my current cartridges are the problem. Though today the printer seems to be recognising the existing cartridges now, duh! ... so now I have 6 full sets of all the colours loll! Oh, well, at least it’s printing now.

Thanks again to everyone for the help & advice replies.

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