Epson SX200 won't use glossy paper

  1901tom 05:28 16 Jan 2010

I've got a new epson SX200 which which is working perfectly, except i just tried to use some FujiFilm photo inkjet paper, and the printer won't draw it in - says the paper tray is empty.

Any suggestions are very welcome, thank you.

  BT 08:03 16 Jan 2010

Are you putting in one sheet at a time? If so try putting a small stack of plain paper in underneath. I have a similar problem with my D92 but it works OK if I leave some plain paper in the tray.

  mooly 08:20 16 Jan 2010

Thick glossy paper can be a bit like that on odd occasions I find (250gms type)

Do you mean A4 size or smaller photo size ?

  1901tom 02:51 17 Jan 2010

Hi BT - yeah i was putting them in one at a time, so i tried what you said - didn't seem to make much difference unfortunately.

Yes Mooly - it's 270 gsm and it's A4 size.

I've probably got it working as well as it's going to - i've kept the ordinary paper behind it (whether that's making any difference i don't know), and then push the glossy paper down into the printer using quite a bit of pressure and that seems to work sometimes.

Not perfect, but there it is.

I assume epson gloss paper would work better.

Thanks folks - i appreciate ur time

  1901tom 02:53 17 Jan 2010


I mean i push it down at the moment when the printer tries to grab it, then let it go


  Andsome 08:09 17 Jan 2010

If it's new, why not phone Epson?

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