epson sx200 black printing problems

  strawberryberry 18:25 02 Apr 2013

I changed two cartridges a few days ago the black being one of them . Cleaned head and alignment check - prints fine. Today the colour prints fine. Black just two thin very faint lines for a whole page of print. Sounds as though printing.Cartridge showing (nearly ) full. Print alignment prints fine. After cleaning several times no black prints except for one only almost there line. Have printed blank pages and blank photocopy as suggested on Epson site, then cleaned again, Still no luck, Any help please. Thank You

  alanrwood 22:16 02 Apr 2013

Leave it 24 hours, sometimes it takes a while for a flooded print head to clear itself. Then try cleaning a couple of times.

  strawberryberry 09:38 03 Apr 2013

Thanks for the suggestion alanrwood, I have tried that and cleaned a few times this morning but black still not printing. I a reluctant to put another new cartridge in as if I get the same results I have then wasted two cartridges and still not been able to print - any other suggestions please

  alanrwood 10:18 03 Apr 2013

I guess it is just a possibility that the cartridge iotself is faulty and is not feeding ink through to the jets. If it was an Epson I would simply try a cheap as chips compatible as an experiment as it is cheaper than buying a new printer. Failing that there are several jet cleaning kits available on the internet. I used one a couple of years back and it worked on my A3 printer. It did involve soaking a piece of guaze in a solution and placing it under the actual jets for 24 hours with the occasional replenishment of the solution. I also have a kit which is based on a syringe flush system from "Printhead Hospital" but not actually tried that one yet as applying too much pressure can damage the print head rather than cure the problem and then the printer is a write off.

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