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Epson SX130 ink pad counter reset

  Toneman 15:29 04 Dec 2016

I am looking for a freebee ink pad counter reset program for my SX130, had one some time ago but can't now find it. Anyone able to help?

  Sapins 09:37 05 Dec 2016

I can reset the counter on my RX620 by holding down the stop + black and white buttons while powering up. Might work on your SX130!

  john bunyan 11:05 05 Dec 2016

I did that on a previous Canon MP. After a while, due to the "waste ink pad" being over full, a load of ink fell out of the bottom of the printer and ruined a desk top. If I were you, I would put the printer on a tray. The printer makers deliberately make it very difficult to change waste ink pads. Why they don't provide an accessible wast ink tank, I do not know.

  Sapins 11:20 05 Dec 2016

I also retrieved the waste ink pipe from the back of the printer and extended it to a container, this works perfectly and no more messages re ink pads full! I can also see the waste ink being directed to the container which only needs emptying at very long intervals.

  Toneman 17:56 05 Dec 2016

Thanks for all your replies, just caught up with them. I have my printer on a pad of newspaper, just in case. I'll try the button press start up.

  Peter~24 10:09 10 Dec 2016


I think the programme you are looking for may be the "SSC Service Utility". You can do a Google search for "SSC Service Utility" and you should find several results.

Take care which one you choose and choose the custom install option, if available, to avoid any possible PUPs.


  Burn-it 15:46 10 Dec 2016

I used to take the pad out of my epsom and swill it out under the tap, dry it out, and replace it as well as reset the counter.

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