Epson sx115 cartridge advice

  frenchman96 08:49 27 Apr 2012

Hi Guys

I need ink cartridges for my Epson sx 115 printer, and a bit spoilt for choice with the big collection of compatible and genuione suppliers.

I bought some compatible this week but am sending them back, 3 different boxes so the company obviously buy in from different companies.

The frustrating thing is, I virtually only print the odd letter, so I thought I could get buy with black only, but apparently its not that straight forward.

Any advice on genuine/compatible, and best suppliers from your experience.

  sharpamat 09:09 27 Apr 2012

Most obtain produtcs from several suppliers. With epsons the biggest ink use is when turning on and off.

I have never had any problems and use Disc Depot. I always try to use my R265 which has a CISS this has cuts costs by a great deal

  frenchman96 09:33 27 Apr 2012

Thats probably why the first print takes a long time to actually start printing.

What is r265 and CISS

  spuds 10:40 27 Apr 2012

r265 is the Epson model name/number.

CISS is Continuous Ink Supply System. This is usually ink filled bottles that are connected via a pipe to a cartridge in the printer, so provides a continuous ink supply. Its then a case of filling the bottles when the ink levels become low. Not all printers can use this method.

There is also 'refillable cartridges', that you can 'top-up' as required. Again, not for all printers and models. You could check on somewhere like eBay for both methods mentioned.

With regards to supplies, then that is usually a personal choice, depending on previous dealings. I find that compatibles are usually just as good as manufacturer's own branded, from the supplies I obtain.

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