Epson SX printing problems, is it possible to print black yet bypass the black cartridge?

  johndrew 14:47 17 Nov 2011

To the best of my knowledge all Epson printers use the black cartridge only when printing black and for colour shading. Also the print heads can become blocked if the ink runs out or is allowed to dry out - the cleaning process should be available in 'Control Panel/Printers & Faxes' right click the printer, select 'Properties/Utilities' and follow the instructions given when you select 'Head Cleaning' or click here for very similar info.

There are several sites that may assist you in resolving this type of problem. Have a look at: this this this and for cleaning fluid have a look at this or this.

The SSC Service Utility is also very handy and supports many more Epson printers than on the list. Given that it's free it is worth a try.

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