Epson SX-130 black head only prints half a row, and then only in bi-directional mode.

  lardconcepts 09:44 24 Nov 2013

This SX-130 has been printing just fine for about 2 years now, but suddenly the black has gone weird.

When printing fast, bi-directional, it appears as in the image here: click here

If you print slow, high quality (where the head prints unidirectionally), then nothing comes out.

No amount of head cleaning works - we've almost completely emptied a set of re-manufactured cartridges doing multiple cleans, as well as a genuine black, too.

So I was wondering if there was some way to set/hack/trick the printer driver into printing in the OTHER direction only when printing unidirectionally. See what I'm getting at? If it's printing solid in one direction, and nothing in the other, setting the other direction to be the one it prints in when printing would be a good idea. Or is that kind of thing set at the printer hardware level? If so, any other suggestions?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:00 24 Nov 2013

Uninstall all Epson software and drivers and then reboot and reinstall / retry.

  lardconcepts 12:00 25 Nov 2013

The only thing is, Fruitbat, that the test pages were printed after the machine had been disconnected and powered down for a minute, then reconnected without USB. Therefore, I can't see how the drivers on a disconnected PC would affect the printer.

  spuds 12:39 25 Nov 2013

Depending on how much usage the printer as had over the past two years, I would suggest that a replacement printer is worthy of consideration, considering the price drop of printer's nowadays.

I have a number of Epson printer's, and when they begin to play up, considering a repair by an Epson agent is out of the question. And trying to find a remedy yourself can be time consuming and frustrating.

If you put "epson cleaning software" in a Google search, it will provide a number of suggestions, including YouTube videos for possibly fault finding and cleaning. One download I have used, and I know others have also tried (with varied results) is click here

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