Epson Stylus R220 error

  andy63walsh 10:42 12 Mar 2012

Hi. The red ink light is on, we do not know what ink needs changing, it does not print either whilst the red light is on, we shook all the inks and they all have ink, you can hear it! The Status Monitor part in the printer properties will not let us in to see the ink levels!

  northumbria61 12:12 12 Mar 2012

Have a look through this enter link description here

  northumbria61 12:13 12 Mar 2012
  andy63walsh 18:38 12 Mar 2012

It def does not say what ink is low or empty

  northumbria61 19:04 12 Mar 2012

You are going to need the Status Monitor to enable you to see the ink levels otherwise it will be a case of changing cartridges - all at once or one at a time. It is possible that one or more is clogged. Are you able to run a cleaning/maintenance operation or does the red light error prevent the printer from working?

  northumbria61 19:06 12 Mar 2012

Without sounding too obvious there are other ways to access the Status Monitor enter link description here

  Eddie 2425 19:56 12 Mar 2012

I am curious as to what cartridges you use, do you use genuine epsom or compatable cartridges, I have the same printer and use compatable cartridges and the same happens to me now and again. what i do is remove the cartidge and then replace the same cartidge one at a time ,then charge the cartridge one at a time.when i bought the cartridges the guy in the shop told me they can also rechip the printer Eddie

  Eddie 2425 19:57 12 Mar 2012

oh ps i only pay £8.00 for a full set of cartridges, so maybe worth replacing all cheers Eddie

  andy63walsh 04:52 13 Mar 2012

status monitor is not hi-lighted so can't run it, it is a faint grey so not available for some reason, will try a clean to see if jets clogged and let you know.

  andy63walsh 05:22 20 Mar 2012

I'm sure the red light is stopping it from doing any thing, can't do any head cleaning etc. I shook every cartridge and there is ink in them all. I found a way to enable the status monitor, if you double click it, nothing happens, you go off the printer, do something else, come back to status monitor and it is light grey(not highlighted) so you have to enable it again. Eddie, where do you get them so cheap?

  sharpamat 08:37 20 Mar 2012

This may be a driver problem This sounds very much like an internal problem eiter with full waste pads ( a messy Job ) or internal page counters. These can be reset with a little utility from Do ensure you fully understand what you are doing before you use it.You may well find it will need a replacement if the problem cannot be sorted

You do not say what OS you are useing, there may be updateds for the drivers on the Epson Website. download the latest driver for your printer.Then install it with the printer turned off. You will be promrted when to turn it on.

Compatable Ink prices are far lower ( even with PP than the £8 mensioned ) is a company I have used for many years their price for a full set is just over £4 I placed an order for Bulk ink ( I use a CISS ) plus some discs which arrived the next day

But I would advise sorting the problem before wasteing money on ink

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