Epson Stylus Photo R300-paper settings?

  [email protected] 17:47 09 Feb 2005

I have a new printer and some gloss paper left over from the old one. I have also wasted too much ink trying to find the best settings ;-( so I am hoping for advice from an R300 user. My current stock of paper is "hp everyday photo" which I used for just that, and "Kodak Premium Picture Ultra Glossy Heavyweight" for best. The problem is the options provided by Epson don't really embrace my situation and wading through it all just becomes more confusing EG: When does Picture Paper become Photo Paper or Premium become Best? The Kodak guide for its paper shows some pretty in-depth settings to change - is that at the printer end [its a stand-alone] or the PC end? Advice welcome from anyone who prints photo's regularly [not like me - still learning]. My old printer was a HP Deskjet 940c which provided a huge list of paper options to choose from so it wasnt a problem then!

  [email protected] 18:00 09 Feb 2005

Belay that - after a visit to click here I have found what I wanted. I would still like to hear from other R300 users about their preferences. Thanks.

  HappySoul 18:19 09 Feb 2005

Hi [email protected] I use three basic settings on my R300.

1. Plain paper. (photocopy paper)

2. Photo Quality Inkjet. (Inkjet paper)

3. Premium Glossy. (Any paper with 'glossy' in the description).

However, having experimented in the past with glossy paper, I've found I could use the Plain Paper setting, together with Photo or Best Photo setting, to get acceptable results, much to my surprise, or the Ink Jet Transparences setting which gave 'lighter' results.

I've found that printing on inkjet paper, rather than glossy, is more acceptable if you plan to laminate or have picture in a frame behind glass.

  [email protected] 18:47 09 Feb 2005

Hi HappySoul - sounds like that's just what I wanted. Thanks for taking the time to post. Cheers.

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