epson stylus photo 915

  s-256399 10:43 02 Apr 2003

this a great printer but i would really like to know what dpi i am using it has so many different choices but how do you know when you are using the 5880dpi optimesed setting?

  pj123 13:55 02 Apr 2003

Go to File, Print, Properties. select custom, advanced. on the left side of the window is a drop down menu for print quality. set it there and OK your way back out.

  s-256399 22:28 02 Apr 2003

thanks for that but it doesnt say how many dpi it just says photo,bestphoto,fine,economy

  pj123 22:55 02 Apr 2003

Sorry about that I was assuming that it would be the same as my 895 which was the printer previous to the 915.

If I want photo prints that look like real photographs (printed on glossy paper) I always use "Photoquicker" (which came with the printer drivers) and will set the printer to "print image matching" and give you the maximum print quality and also borderless prints.

It still won't tell you the dpi but at least you will know it is at its maximum.

If you didn't get Photoquicker with your printer go to click here and download Photoquicker 3.1.

  s-256399 23:11 02 Apr 2003

i do have photo quicker so ill try that but my kodak doesnt have print image matching so i wont see the results of that unfortunately.

  woodchip 23:20 02 Apr 2003

This seams to be a new Epson Drive idea, I do not like it My eldest son just bought a C82 and that is the same you just choose from thumb nail pictures for quality. there is no settings at all for dpi

  pj123 21:05 04 Apr 2003

Sorry, I think I am misunderstanding you. the Epson 915 does have print image matching. I assume the kodak you are referring to is your digital camera? If that is correct, it is not the camera that determines the print image matching but the printer.

  pj123 21:12 04 Apr 2003

As I am trade I will get a 915 on loan and try it and report back to you.

The Kodak takes Compact Flash cards, just insert your card into the printer and save it to a folder on your hard disk and then open photoquicker and select the folder where you saved to and print from there. the printer will do the rest for you.

  s-256399 21:38 04 Apr 2003

no i think that it must be me that is not understanding all my gadgets. i thought the camera also had to be digital image matching to work with the camera but i have printed excellent A4 photos from both camera and printer so i am not complaining but i would like to compare dpi a bit old fashion maybe. I know that the epson has p.i.m but there is nothing on photoquicker to enable it and si soft sandra says it is disabled, i presumed that it was because the camera was not capable of p.i.m the epson web sight also gives list of compatible cameras kodak not included. I am about to buy the epson perfection 1660 so i can see how much better quality prints can be when using print image matching. let me know if i have got it all wrong,

  pj123 22:09 04 Apr 2003

One of us has got it wrong.

I think you need to talk to me. Ring me on 01603 443518 any evening after 7pm.


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