Epson Stylus Photo 890 problem

  Trikie 00:35 23 Nov 2003

For several weeks when printing I've been getting a "Communication Error" message on about 50% of the times. The cables are properly connected and despite the message the printer has performed perfectly - until tonight.

It started by cutting off the top of a picture, then printed half the picture on one sheet of paper and the other half on a second sheet, then it only printed the top inch and now it will not accept data from Windows or PictureIt.

How canI get it back under control?

  Trikie 01:08 23 Nov 2003

It gets worse......Every time I try to send text to the printer the text programme freezes. The on/off light on the printer flashes and the maintenance one shows a steady red light. The print queue has nothing in it.

  bananaslik 09:28 23 Nov 2003

have u tried uninstalling the printer(drivers)reboot & then load the printer back in(i always try the easy things first)

  bananaslik 09:30 23 Nov 2003

when you send the text doc to print does the task bar on the doc flash continiously.Also what anti-virus r u using

  A_World_Maker 10:45 23 Nov 2003

Are you using a USB printer... specifically a Epson? only because my printer, which works perfectly with 98SE and to some extent 2000 pro, XP splutters at its drivers. Epson advice to install the drivers even though XP complains its not certificated. I got over the problem by unplugging the printer (power and USB lead), uninstalling the software, rebooting, creating a restore point, reboot, install the software (ignoring the part where it tells you to plug the printer in.. simply close the window).. reboot, then plug in the power, followed by the USB lead.... I still got 'communication error'.. but switched that reporting function off.. all works fine.... (fingers crossed behind my back)

  A_World_Maker 10:47 23 Nov 2003

btw.... switch off firewall and anti-virus (including any BIOS anti-virus) before and during all this!

  [email protected] 11:21 23 Nov 2003

If you are using epson with XP go to epson site & download the new drivers for your printer & upgrade your drivers
The same applies to some of the other printer manufacturers.
XP is slightly peculiar in that as the tech progresses with updates the driver section is slightly behind & once you are fully up to date with XP some of your new insytallations will need the drivers which are fully compatable with XP
the principal also applies to all hardware but often XP has covered most of these.
I personally try to check all hardware/software at least once a year every six months if I have the time
What I do not like are software manufacturers who charge for driver/software updates with no other tech support available from them

  A_World_Maker 13:04 23 Nov 2003

ermm kellysbouncas.... downloading the 'newest' drivers for Epson USB printers, don't work with XP... I have tried many of them... Epson suggest I purchase a 'more upto date' printer... guess which one they recommend? Another Epson! The only solution that I found that works, is what I described above :-)

  Trikie 13:18 23 Nov 2003

Thanks everyone. I tried going to Epsons site and installed a new driver which seems to have cleared the problem.

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