Epson Stylus DX6050 printer slowed down

  bionicle 21:00 20 Oct 2013

My Epson Stylus DX6050 printer has slowed down. When I click print it takes 3-4 minutes before responding but will eventually get there. Also noticed some functionality eg ink level 'status monitor' is not available. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling printer but no improvement. Anyone have any suggestions?

  northumbria61 20:10 21 Oct 2013

Windows 7 - USB connection?

  Marwanagha 21:03 21 Oct 2013

Hi..Is the computer slow?if yes clear some space and the printer's speed will get to normal.If not change the USB port and try printing.

Best regards, Marwan

  bionicle 22:28 21 Oct 2013

Thanks guys. Yes its Windows 7 + USB connection is okay. 585GB Hard Drive with only 70.3GB free. If I make some space will this affect the printer speed?

  northumbria61 10:00 22 Oct 2013

I would suggest you delete your printer from Devices & Printers - restart your computer and Windows should install your driver automatically.

  bionicle 19:21 29 Oct 2013

Thanks northumbria61. I tried this and initially got some improvement but its as bad as ever now.

  Woolwell 19:31 29 Oct 2013

Long shot - try a different cable or different USB port.

  bionicle 21:48 29 Oct 2013

Cheers, tried this as well. I think my PC needs a clean reinstall of Windows 7.

  glacort 17:28 22 Nov 2013

The solution is here:

click here last bullet sub A regards continous printing i.e. if the the printer slows down after 3/4 A4 photos that went OK.

When this happens it is better, in order not to damage the print head, to stop and leave the printer on for 1/2 to 1 hour (the print head will not cool down fast enough if the printer is switched off). Bigger "pro" printers not have this problem a little because they are more robust but mostly because the nozzels of their printer heads are wider.

When instead there is a long wait before even the first print is started, then you need to delete the file indicated in the link above.


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