Epson Stylus CX3200, parts at end of their life...

  clock 08:43 24 Aug 2011

I know my Printer has had a long and useful life, but it has decided to give up the ghost when I really need it! It won't print from my computer telling me " error - some parts in your printer are at the end of their life, needs servicing"! Is there a way around this please? Obviously servicing is out of the question so a new printer would be the way to go, but I hate this built-in obsolescence world we live in!


  [email protected] 09:34 24 Aug 2011

Run the SSC reset utility , This is a free download availale from many locations eg -

  clock 10:36 24 Aug 2011

Thanks for that oldal but I've tried 3 times now and the download was very slow (for .94MB)so I closed the web page in case there was something untoward going on!! I know I'm paranoid! But that's just the way it is!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:37 24 Aug 2011

SSC here at bottom of page.

However I suspect you will need to open the printer and empty the waste ink tank(wash sponges)see here before running the utility, have done this on a few Epson printers quite successfully. Still running a C600 and CX42.

  clock 15:58 24 Aug 2011

Thanks Fruit Bat, have just downloaded SSC 4.30 and very quickly too! Will give it a whirl later! As regards the link to removing the waste ink pad; there weren't any pictures to show me how to remove the "middle housing" and the "ASF (?) unit", although I reckon my husband will fathom it out given enough time!! This forum is brilliant!!


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:26 24 Aug 2011

All you need is the waste ink pipe through to the tank at the rear.

The rest of that site is for fitting a Continuous Ink System.

Waste in pad cleaning is a very messy job, big sheet of plastic and rubber gloves :0) not do it on that particular model.

  clock 17:07 24 Aug 2011

Tried the SSC Re-set Utility but it seems to be for Ink Cartridge problems which I don't have. As I said at the beginning my Printer Control Panel is flashing this message "Printer error - see your documentation and call service if necessary" whilst the desktop Epson Status Monitor is saying "parts in your Printer are at the end of their service life. Contact your Dealer for replacement"? Is this really just because the ink pad is full???


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:53 24 Aug 2011


  clock 18:18 24 Aug 2011

Well I never!! From previous info on this forum I knew I would have to clean the inkpad sometime, but I didn't know how the "error" manifested itself!

Grateful thanks,will consider this closed!


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:29 24 Aug 2011

Try this

Epson All-In-One CX3100 and CX3200

  1. Turn OFF the printer.?
  2. Press B/W + Color + Stop button together and hold.
  3. Press Power ON button and hold (4 buttons on hold now and don’t release the buttons until you see the light indicator is blinking. A message will be displayed on the LCD)
  4. Release all buttons.
  5. Press the Color button once.
  6. Turn OFF the printer.
  7. Turn ON the printer and the protection counter should be resetted.
  clock 09:06 25 Aug 2011

Thanks Fruit Bat, tried that several times but still goes back to red error button and message as before!! Will try it again, will ring Epson later as well, they were helpful once before.


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