Epson Stylus C44UX

  Southernboy 14:38 27 Dec 2004

After just over one year, my above printer has displayed a message stating "there are parts within your printer that are beyond their service life. Contact your dealer"

Well, I have no dealer and I am astonished that an Inkjet printer should have such a short life. I also believe that this printer is no longer available.

I am concerned that I have no choice than to purchase a new printer, as the probable cost of repair would be more than the printer is worth, which is unfortunate as I still have some 5/6 unused colour and black cartridges for the C44UX.

Can anyone advise me the best way forward, please?
If I have to purchase a new printer, can anyone recommend a reliable, but low-priced inkjet printer - my confidence in Epson is somewhat damaged - and I would like to enquire if such a short life is common among inkjet printers. Do they sell them cheaply to make money, not only on cartridges, but upon repairs? My old OKI laser went on for year after year.

I only use the printer for printing letters and Emails, so only a basic model is required.

  fsbb 14:47 27 Dec 2004

Previous posting
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  fsbb 14:49 27 Dec 2004

Sorry, previous link was wrong. Try this
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  Eastender 14:56 27 Dec 2004

Printer diagnosis click here

  Buchan 35 23:29 27 Dec 2004

Southernboy, I`ve got the same printer and a few months ago I got the same message. I got on to Epson (phone) and was given the name and work address of the nearest Epson mechanic/fitter and was advised to take it to him. I did and his response to the message you (& I) recieved was `It only needs the settings restored` Which he did. Mine is working well and he did advise me to consider having the printer serviced now and again ( I`d say annually) for about £10 to £15 . Hope that lot helps. Unlike yours, mine was 18 days inside the guarantee, but whatever he did would`nt have cost much. Give it a go, the printer might not be much in others` eyes but it`s a damn fine workhorse. I write a lot.

  Southernboy 18:56 28 Dec 2004

although no further forward.

It is good to know that this is a known problem and I attempted to use the Printer Diagnosis suggested by Eastender. I received a awarning stating PRINTER BUSY - WAIT AWHILE AND RESTART WHEN THE POWER BUTTON STOPS FLASHING. Everytime I switch it on, the green and red buttons flash alternatively, and they simply do not stop flashing. So, it seems I am unable to carry out the diagnosis.

Unfortunately, I am housebound, recovering from major surgery, and unable to physically take the printer anywhere. In any event, we don't have any computer shops/repairers locally, according to Yellow Pages. There, it would be great if I could solve the problem online.

I looked at the Epson site - I am probably not very good at negotiating websites - but it seemed to me to be totally business orientated. I couldn't find a list of addresses for repairers or service centres for the home user. I understand that, as I have been using compatible cartridges from Choice Stationery, they would decline to help, anyway.

Any other thoughts, please?

  Eastender 21:41 29 Dec 2004

I've never needed to contact Epson Support, so don't know how helpful they are but try this click here and explain your problem.

  Eastender 22:38 29 Dec 2004

If it does come down to buying a new printer, I would recommend Canon, I have the i250 and it's a little cracker AND inkrite cartridges are less than £2. However this model is no longer produced.

The Canon IP1500 Pixma, at £48.61 including delivery, has had some very good reviews have a look click here

If the link doesn't work go to Ebuyer click here and use the quick find code 73839.

  Southernboy 20:36 03 Jan 2005

I did as you said but have had no reply so far. Probably too soon to expect one, so I'll hang on for a few more days, but I do need to have a printer up and running soon.

I have noted your suggestion of the Canon. I am not normally a cheapskate but as this is only used for printing off Emails and letters, can anyone one come up with one that is of lower cost, but still reliable? Having to find an unexpected £50 is a bit of a blow.

Two questions - will my use of Choice Stationery compatible cartridges negate any chanco of Epson doing anything? Is the short "service life" confined to Epson, or does it happen with other makes?

  Chaz10 20:46 03 Jan 2005

Before you throw it,try this utility
click here

  Chaz10 20:48 03 Jan 2005

Forgot to say that I have fixed about 7 last month with that program.

Good Luck

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