Epson Stylus C20UX

  dafil 11:38 11 Jun 2003

I have a black smudged line going down the page when ever I print off the line becomes faded as I continue to print can anyone help please

  Taff36 12:31 11 Jun 2003

This may simply be:
1. A clogged cartridge. Remove the cartridge and see if you have excess black ink. If so very carefully remove it with a lint free cloth. Unfortunately it may be a faulty cartridge so if it was bought recently take it back!

2.Excess ink has found it`s way onto the rollers.
Visually inspect whilst the cartridges are out of the way and again clean carefully. Don`t force the rollers round. You may damage something.

If you need to turn off the printer power and then back on again. The Epsons usually do a power up process during which the rollers rotate.
Repeat step 2 as necessary.

Finally run the maintenance routine & see if there is any improvement. I suggest this as the last step because if 1 or 2 is the problem the routine will take ages and use all your ink!

Above all be gentle - these Epsons are delicate so use some common sense.

  pj123 13:59 11 Jun 2003

If a head clean doesn't clear it find some old scrap a4 paper and then type only 1 word into your wordproccessor and do a print. If the black line is still there, it is on the rollers. Keep printing the one word page and hopefully the paper will eventually absorb it for you.

  pj123 14:03 11 Jun 2003

Normally, you cannot remove ink cartridges from Epson printers until they are empty. But, there is a way. Switch the printer off, now lift the lid, switch the printer on and as soon as the cartridges move pull the mains lead out of the back and you can then remove the cartridges, inspect them and replace them. Then plug the mains lead back in and the printer will re-initialise. You may have to switch the printer off and then back on.

  dafil 14:19 11 Jun 2003

Thanks very much PJ123 what you suggested printing one line has worked the line has gone it must have been on the rollers as you thought thanks again!

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