Epson Stylus 800 - problems

  [DELETED] 09:29 27 Jul 2003

I was over at friend's house last night and she was trying to print photographs from her Olympus Camera on the above printer - complained the results were very "misty" (grainy & dull would be my description) on plain paper.

I checked the photograph printed out OK on plain paper, with the menu set to automatic/plain paper/- no photographic enhancement - poor quality (printed at speed) - then put photographic paper into printer.

Using the Epson print menu, photo enhance, etc. and printed it out. There was a narrow strip of the correct colour and the rest was RED. Played around for a while with printer menu, but anything set at a slower speed, higher quality came out red.

I gave up, because it seemed to be a choice of poor quality extremely grainy pictures or red ones. - This was on glossy photographic/matt photographic Epson paper.

I think the printer is duff (did clean nozzles and realigned the print head, but problem remained) - any thoughts on this one?


  [DELETED] 12:05 27 Jul 2003

and can advise on how to set it up?


  Diemmess 12:28 27 Jul 2003

Memories only of the 800 but it was a first class, no nonsense printer.

You seem to have a printer fault (though it might just be that cyan ink is drying out.

What about a Windows test page?

I think you right click on the 800 in Control Panel, select Properties and then Utilities.

  [DELETED] 12:28 27 Jul 2003

Unless someone comes up with an alternative idea I would remove printer cable, uninstall and reinstall. It's worth a try..Lap..

  [DELETED] 13:17 27 Jul 2003

Diemmess: Did Windows Test page = OK - tried the utilities, tried Digital Camera correction, etc. as soon as I tried a better quality print - the flipping thing printed only red. (Couldn't keep wasting her photographic paper.)

LAP: Will suggest that - hadn't time to do it last night, after playing around with her photographs and copying them to CD for her. So will ring her - while hubby is around (he works away but has more computer knowledge lol)

Thanks again - both


  Diemmess 16:10 27 Jul 2003

Can't understand the reason for your trouble, so just chucking another idea in to the pot --

The printer is relatively old and the computer may be a lot younger.

Have you tried downloading the latest driver you can from Epson Website?

The reason I say that is- .......
I had a series of problems with a Photo 700 when I rebuilt my box and even the latest Epson drivers wouldn't fix the thing. (It was not hardware, but a software problem and its twin, borrowed from a friend was exactly the same.)

What was new to me with the motherboard, was the BIOS facility in Integrated Peripherals to choose between "Normal, ECP and EPP"

On Normal the printer behaved, but took forever to print....... While on the recommended setting it screwed up the lines of whatever I did.

Epson helpline at national rate, took me round and round in costly circles and I am still waiting (2 years) for a reply to my email.
I swallowed hard, gave the printer away - it still works fine elsewhere and replaced it with a new one.

The point is that after a period all manufacturers lose interest in supporting out of date products, but you might be lucky.

  [DELETED] 17:28 27 Jul 2003

Something to bear in mind.

I use to have an Epson 600 over 4 years old started playing up. Took to repair shop, I was told it would cost £20 to look at and this would not come off the cost of repair. It went in the bin. Now run two C62's. Replacement for a 800 would be a C82. Just a thought! Lap..

  [DELETED] 17:43 27 Jul 2003

Now that's an idea - will see what Epson have on their website. Will take a look after posting this.

LAP: I'm afraid, I have already rather tactlessly suggested that the bin might be a good place for it! lol - They have an equally old HP somewhere, a Canon, a Lexmark and something else! Hope at least one of them works for next time I go over. lol

Thanks again. xx

  [DELETED] 22:09 27 Jul 2003

for this model printer on the Epson website - will try another site and see whether they have one.

They had a lot of ink cartridges - compatible ones which which were bought in bulk - wonder if these have any effect on the printer.

Anyway, close this for now and see what I can do with it next time I visit. Meanwhile search for updated drivers.

Thanks again,


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