Epson Stylus 670 printer problem

  Scowegian 12:03 14 Oct 2004

My printer has developed a problem after a paper jam and now will not print properly. I have done all the usual things like cleaning the print heads, nozzle check and print head alignment to no avail. Has anyone had experience of this and any ideas on how to fix it?
The printer is a Stylus 670 and my computer is running Windows XP Pro on an AMD Athlon XP2600 machine.

  jack 12:08 14 Oct 2004

More explanation please
How not printing properly?

  woodchip 12:19 14 Oct 2004

Have you tried removing and reinstalling the Printer Driver and Software.

  Scowegian 09:23 19 Oct 2004

After checking the print head several times the output print pattern is ok for the black, yellow and blue the red however is almost none existant. when I try to print a document the print starts ok but gradually fades to almost nothing horizontal bands of no colour at all. Any blue printing comes in OK even within the area of poor black. I have inserted new ink cartridges without improvement.

  JonnyTub 09:33 19 Oct 2004

Read the whole thread, it offers a possible solution. click here

  woodchip 15:07 19 Oct 2004

Try clearing the holes in the top of the Ink Cartridge. No air in no ink out.

  bluenote 22:15 19 Oct 2004

I had a similar problem with my epson c62.i was using compatible ink.when i contacted the supplier with the problem,iwas told to do a deep clean.which is as follows.DEEP CLEAN 1/ do 2-3 cleaning cycles DO NOT DO A NOZZLE CHECK OR ANY PRINTING AT ALL in between the cleans. 2/ leave the computer and the printer TURNED ON and leave for 4-6 hours or over night. 3/ come back and do another cleaning cycle and then do a nozzle check/test print. this worked for me .i hope it will for you.

  jakimo 22:41 19 Oct 2004

click here

I used these in the past on the Epson Stylus 660 and it worked for me,you may think it expensive but much cheaper that taking your printer to a dealer,who will only use the same method anyway

  jack 12:04 20 Oct 2004

If you have an empty Cart laying around turn it into a cleaner cart by ther following method.
Flush the ink out by putting the syringe and 'sucking'.
Fill with deionized distilled water and flush by the above method. do this seeral time to clear residual ink. Then fill all chamber with deionized water with a 10% Proponal Alchohol or
Do a deep clean with this and then leave over night.

  woodchip 12:27 20 Oct 2004

When you remove the printer that means you have also got to remove the Setting file, this is not removed when you remove from Add Remove or by deleting from printer folder. You need to search for Epson and delete all the Epson files it finds then Reload from CD

  Scowegian 15:04 21 Oct 2004

I have ordered a cleaning cartridge in the hope that this will finally resolve my problem. I have done several cleaning cyles fitted new cartridges removed and reinstalled the drivers with the result that printer is now printing black OK yellow and blue but no red. Thanks everybody for your help.

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