epson status monitor

  iqs 18:41 06 Sep 2009


I have just installed a Linksys wireless print server,model WPS54G

All went well,and I can print from my PC and laptop,but I have a question please.

When my EPSON printer was hard wired I had access to the print level monitor(epson status monitor).

This option is no longer available on both, and the four colour bars are greyed out(print setting).
The only way to see how much ink is left is to use the built in LCD screen on the printer.

Is this normal?.

Thank you

  Technotiger 19:07 06 Sep 2009

Try downloading/installing the latest Status monitor from Epsons web-site, might make a difference.

  iqs 19:44 06 Sep 2009

Hi Technotiger,

Thanks for the help.I have downloaded the latest drivers etc,but still with the same affect.

  iqs 19:46 06 Sep 2009


when the status monitor is run,it states a communication error?.But all 3 PC's/laptop all connect and print correctly.

  Technotiger 19:57 06 Sep 2009

Hmm, I have just done a successful test-print from my second desktop pc which is connected by wireless to my main desktop, in another room - using BT Homehub2.0, main desktop connected to router via cable.

Status monitor shows as normal on both PC's.

Are you sure that you have set-up printer sharing fully?

  Technotiger 19:59 06 Sep 2009

I forgot to mention - of course I have printer connected to main desktop pc - test print was done from Wireless Desktop PC with printer sharing enabled.

  Technotiger 20:05 06 Sep 2009

Found this via Google, hope it works for you ...

On the print server machine (the machine with the printer directly connected), open the printer control panel for the Epson printer (Start --> Settings --> Printers & Faxes --> Epson 1280). Select Properties under the Printer menu. From the Properties window, General tab, click on the Printing Preferences button. Select the Utilities tab and click on the Speed & Progress button at the bottom. From the Speed & Progress window click on the Monitoring Preferences button. From the Monitoring Preferences window click the checkbox marked "Allow monitoring of shared printers". Click OK button on all the windows. Now when the status monitor runs on other machines they will be able to monitor the shared printer.

  iqs 20:05 06 Sep 2009

In the past I have used my main PC has a print server,and enabled sharing-share this printer.And the status monitor has worked.

When I set-up wireless printing via the Linksys server,I had not enabled the printer to share.I did not think it was required.But I followed you advice and enabled the share,and the status monitor is still off line.

In regards to sharing,I only have simple file and printing enabled.


  iqs 20:08 06 Sep 2009

Hi Technotiger,

I have all ready checked the monitoring preference,it was ticked.
One of the options that was not ticked was ink low warning.Its now ticked .But still no status monitor.

Thank you for your help

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