cycle3 12:12 10 Jul 2004

Hi anyone,
My epson 600 has suddenly stopped printing. Everything is queued in spool manager. I have reinstalled windows 98 se and the printer. It will print the nozzles test page but not the test page or any document.I have tried the option print direct to printer. I have diabled my virus checkers. How can I tell if the printer itself is faulty.
Many thanks,Bruce.

  LAP 13:05 10 Jul 2004

cycle3, I do not have the answer to your problem, but sometime ago I had an Epson 600, it stopped printing. No matter what I tried, it would not print. I took it to a local shop who stated they would charge £25 just to look at it and would not refund this off a new printer. It went in the bin. (a little helps :¬)

  Dorsai 13:39 10 Jul 2004

Could the printer be set to wrok off line?

If so print jobs will just get spooled untill you set it back to work on-line.

I don't know how to check for this in 98 as i went from win95 straight to winME. but open the printer folder, and with the printer turned on, is the printers icon 'greyed out'. if so right click on it and see if the option in the drop down list that opens is ticked. if it is, select it and this might cure the problem. hopefully this will set the printer back to 'use online'..

  LAP 14:02 10 Jul 2004

This may help from an old thread. click here

  IZZY 18:06 10 Jul 2004


This Web page may help you. I hope the URL works as 'click here'. It's quite long.

click here

I'll test it after posting and if it doesn't works I'll try to point you to the relevant page in Google



  IZZY 18:11 10 Jul 2004


Yep. Link works OK. When you get there, scroll right down the page until you come to the Epson range and there could be some suggestions there which are not in the manual.

Good Luck.



  cycle3 14:15 10 Aug 2004

Hi Izzy.
No joy. tried everthing. printer will print it;s own test page when disconnected from computer.It's still as if something is telling it to hold prints in spooler. Have backed up all files ready to format drive in despiration.
Please any last minute suggestions.
thanks, Bruce.

  Bobby237 21:35 13 Aug 2004

Try a print from DOS. From Windows Go to Start>Shutdown>Restart in MS-DOS mode. Type in cd\ and then press ENTER. You will then get C:\> Then type dir > lpt1
This should send a print to the printer (will print but not feed paper all the way out - this is normal). If this does and it prints, your printer and connections (e.g. port on PC, cable and port on printer) are fine, therefore it is an issue in Windows. From what you've described this is most likely. So don't throw your printer away just yet.

  cycle3 12:42 30 Aug 2004

Hi everyone who tried to help.
Gave up and reformatted drive. Reinstalled everything. printer works fine.
Thanks again, Bruce.

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