Epson Scanner/Twain Problem

  gerdy 13:23 14 Jul 2004

I'm using Win98SE and Epson 1660 scanner which for some reason has just decided it doesn't want to work anymore.
When trying to scan I get the error message "can't find scanner etc." even though Device Manager shows it O/K. I have completely uninstalled everything on my system that relates to the scanner (and Epson) and re-installed 7 times. Device Manager shows the scanner and driver 'working' but when trying to scan I get a message to install the supported Twain driver. I have downloaded the latest driver from Epson everything appears to check out but unable to scan. Has anyone else had this problem? I have checked out similar problems on the database but none of these have solved the problem.

  xania 13:32 14 Jul 2004

This usually indiates that something has gone wrong within the OS which is stopping some of the scanner driver from working. I suggest you start by, once again, uninstalling your scanner. Try loading Windows in safe mode to see if this repairs the problem, and failing this you may have to resort to repair tools
click here
or a reinstallation over-the-top.

  gerdy 19:38 14 Jul 2004

I tried the re-install, still got the same message, but did manage to lose my broadband connection and had to re-install again. Have now wiped my hard-drive and re-installed Win98. With just scanner and printer connected still get the message to install twain driver. After the first re-install clicking on my ISP icon brought up Device Manager, Outlook Express icon brought up printer properties. Now I'm more confused.

  alB 20:42 14 Jul 2004

This happened to me with the same O/S and scanner,this did the trick for me...start/settings/control panel, double click "scanners and cameras properties", highlight Epson perfection 1660, click properties, On the utility tab put a tick in the box "select as default scanner for Epson twain 5" and click OK on the general tab there is a "test scanner or camera" button that you can press and this should give a message that your scanner successfully completed the diagnostic test (maybe after a reboot). Occasionally my scanner still plays up but what seems to work now is to switch the scanner off and then on and then either use the scan button on the scanner or the Epson smart panel shortcut on the desktop....alB

  gerdy 11:02 15 Jul 2004

Everything appeared O/K. Diagnostic test shows no problems, but I'm still told to install the 'supported twain driver.'If I try to scan from Photosuite (twain) there does not appear to be a scanner installed. The scanner has never been perfect, in the past I could remove the scanner from Device Manager, reboot and everthing worked fine.

  alB 19:16 15 Jul 2004

Does this problem occur only when you try to scan through Photosuite, or does it happen with the Epson smart panel, does the scanner respond normally if you press the green scan button on the scanner, (that should initiate the smart panel)...alB

  mosfet 20:36 15 Jul 2004

Thinking like alB..I had similar with daughters pc.She was using Photo Express (ver.1 I think)In the end I uninstalled PE & gave her my later edition...End of problems.

  Mavisk 07:05 16 Jul 2004

This is a problem I used to have with Win 98 se and Scanners,although I'm now on XP with no such trouble.
The only work around I found to fix this was to remember to leave my Scanner unplugged until AFTER the PC had been started,then plug it in.
Voila no more problems.

  gerdy 11:26 16 Jul 2004

Thanks for those replies.
The problem occurs with every application I try to scan with, smart panel, button, photosuite and a couple of others I seldom use. I have tried USB 1 and 2 slots. I have been told that Epson/Win98/USB cause a lot of problems. I could not get my Epson printer to run via USB, (although it had for 6 months,) and had to revert to the parallel port cable. I am thinking that the problem is in this area but cannot understand why device manager shows all O/K.

  2neat 12:37 16 Jul 2004


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