Epson scanners

  Buckomeladdie 04:13 04 Nov 2003

I have an Epson 1660 Perfection scanner, which produces very good results except for the darkness of all scans. I have tweaked the settings in the pre-scan dialogue box, but I have to do this with every scan. Is there a way of altering the default lightness setting for all scans or is this just a characteristic of Epson scanners.

  BarryKeith 16:50 04 Nov 2003

You should find that there is a default settings page that you can set up so that your settings will remain, the settings page you have been accessing is only for adjusting individual scans and you need to set the global settings.

  Kudu 17:21 04 Nov 2003

I use the Modify Tone Correction and when i'm happy with the result i save it in User Defined and just go back to it when i scan again.

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