Epson scanner 1250 no icon

  lin_ 07:25 19 Jan 2004

I am trying to install my scanner onto another computer, I have downloaded driver from epson installs ok although I dont have software for it, I cant find where it is, searched everywhere but cant find it,all I can find is the setup icon on my c drive, if I go into m word I can select insert picture and scanner comes up, but how can I just scan a document without going though word, my old scanner I could place icon on desktop and click on that I've got Windows 98SE

  MichelleC 09:37 19 Jan 2004

Printers can play up on reinstall if there's any files left from uninstall. If you disconnect printer, uninstall via add/remove, then use find/search to delete any other remaining files (sometimes you have to delete any files in registry too, but be careful and b/up 1st). Then reboot, then install software (usually printer software is included with updated driver) plug in printer then navigate new hardware wizard to driver.

  lin_ 10:31 19 Jan 2004

Im installing scanner on different computer so its never been installed on this system before already done what you said, I have printed the set up from epson and its slighty different for example it says the option for language etc which dosent come up

  bretsky 15:34 19 Jan 2004

You need a dedicated programme to run your Epson 1250 scanner.

My Epson perfection 1250 scanner came with "smart panal" software, although I never use this. I use Paperport V8 which uses OCR{Optical character recognisation} and also makes use of the twain drivers{Technology without an interesting name}no joke!!!

I have just tried your instructions, went to My computer>clicked the icon and it lists everything on the c drive, right click the Epson scanner and create a shortcut to the desktop.

Now when you click on this, your software should appear with various options like your photo programme{mine's "m/s picture publish it"}and scanner & camera wizard.

bretsky using winxp home ed sp1

  lin_ 20:04 19 Jan 2004

The thing is there is no epson scanner listed. Im going to reinstall it and see what happens

  bretsky 16:54 20 Jan 2004

What was the outcome???!!!


  lin_ 18:30 20 Jan 2004

No joy, I can use it in word and if I press manual I can change the dpi etc. also I can use it it paperport, but still no direct link to the scanner.

  bretsky 13:57 21 Jan 2004

Do you have some kind of device manager{go to start>settings>control panel}in the control panel? if so does it show up?


  lin_ 14:40 21 Jan 2004

Yes it shows up in device manager. I have just installed newer version of paperport, set the scanner on manual instead of auto, now I can change the dpi etc. Am quite happy with that. I still thing my old agfa scanner was better though.

  woodchip 14:47 21 Jan 2004

Have you got the drivers from click here. but it's the CD software you need if you run from scanner I have the same scanner, and never used the software I only use the drivers

  lin_ 17:25 21 Jan 2004

Yes I did get drivers from there, I thought software was included with the drivers?. Anyway quite happy with the way it is scanning, just a shame there is no direct link to the scanner

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