epson scanner

  [DELETED] 15:38 11 Aug 2003

just bought a beautiful new Epson perfection 1260 scanner, which is great...... but Epson for some reason have decided not to put an on/off button on it!!!! they instruct you to plug it in and out when you need to use it!! now for me, that means crawling down underneath a desk and reaching behind cables to reach the plug. is there anyway i can get this to shut down with the computer as part of its shut down?? or am i destined to be stuck with this stupid idea of Epsons that is ludicrous?

  [DELETED] 15:46 11 Aug 2003

just pull the power cable from the back of the scanner

  sil_ver 15:48 11 Aug 2003

I couldn't agree more as I have a 1660 BUT if you leave it on it will go into sleep mode after a while if you don't use it. The only fly in the ointment is if you use WinXP it will keep switching on and off and your PC will keep making the 'bingbong' 'bongbing' noise that XP uses to indicate new hardware added/removed.

  [DELETED] 20:11 11 Aug 2003

you could fit a power block under the desk within reach,then fit a double pole socket or double pole spur unit to that and use it as the switch on /off for your scanner.

  sil_ver 20:37 11 Aug 2003

I think cessna's point is you shouldn't b****y need one.

  Drum 20:50 11 Aug 2003


I'm a limbo dancer like you Cessna, but instead of pulling the plug under the desk, I fitted a plug with integral switch......don't think you can get them now though, but a line switch as used for lighting would do the trick.

Epson really should take note though!! definitely have a point!

  [DELETED] 22:09 11 Aug 2003

A warning for all PC users in this stormy weather. When you turn off your PC, isolate it by pulling out the plug. I switch mine off from the power socket, which switches of all peripherals too including my Epson scanner if it is plugged in, and gives the power supplies for the speakers and modem a chance to cool down. I swap the power supplies for speakers and scanner when I want to use it with a trailing socket by the side of my PC. I used to have the trailing socket fixed within arms-reach on my desktop.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I assume that merely switching off from the mains won't be sufficient protection for a lightning surge.

  [DELETED] 23:49 11 Aug 2003

a Belkin under the monitor Surge Master. This has a row of five switches in the front, and enables you to switch off whatever you have connected from there. Try Argos.

I have an old Epson GT7000 scanner, but it has TWO switches. One for on/off, the other for speedy scanning. Not much help to you I know.


  Migwell 00:50 12 Aug 2003

I bought a switched plug top (13A) from B&Q Warehouse, cost me about £2.00

This is better than pulling out the plug at the back of the scanner as you don't leave the power on, to the mains adaptor.

  [DELETED] 09:52 12 Aug 2003

Might be something or nothing, but I'd worry about connecting a scanner/monitor/computer to a 13A fuse. All my plugs are fitted with 5A.


  [DELETED] 13:14 12 Aug 2003

Same problem with my Epson 2400. I've suspended 'the cable' from another cable at the rear with a cable tie so as not to loose it. Just anothers opinion..Lap..

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