Epson rx500

  User-9F96FE02-5AC4-41BD-8CBB2A4DA6712F84 19:58 13 Jul 2005

XP sp2 being used.

I have just got replacement ink "cheep" inkrite. The colours are all wrong and need to find out how to correct this. I have lost the true colour from the photos that I am printing. ie snow that should be white is more blue. The detail of the print is out standing and the speed it prints is is good. Just very poor colour. please help and put it in terms for dummies. thanks very much, kind of urgent! Thanks


  woodchip 22:54 13 Jul 2005

First thing to check is that all coulours are printing. So go to Start\Settings\Printers right click yor printer then click print test page you should get the three coulours and black tect

Thanks woodchip I have done this. I did manage to get that issue fixed, cleaned the head a few times ect I now have lines through my print but what I can't work out is if this is a resolution prob with my camera, a Canon eos300d 6.3meg not being strong enough to print clearly on a4 sheets of paper, or if it the printer heads. Would you know. I will be very glad of any help.

  daba 01:12 14 Jul 2005

If you have 'lines through my print' then your print head is blocked.

Personally I wouldn't touch 'cheap' ink. Sure enough there are some 'good quality' non-OEM print cartridges out there. But ask yourself this question. If the inks can be made that cheaply, why aren't the printer manufacturers lowering their prices to wean people back to theirs ?

You can go through many makes and suppliers before you find a replacement cartridge that you're happy with, but then the damage to the printheads (blockages) may already have been done.

And then there is the warranty issue. Use non-EPSON cartridges and your warranty is voided. Your model is 'mid-high' price range for inkjet printers, so IMHO it would be worth treating it with the respect it deserves.

The only ways I know to un-block EPSON printheads is

1> to keep cleaning them with the maintenance utility until they come clean, but that is self-defeating if you're using the same cheap ink cartridges that blocked them in the first place !

2> remove the cartridges, and put a few drops of Isopropyl alcohol (Isopropanol) into the collector cups, replace the cartridges and use the cleaning cycles again.

I believe the RX500 uses different cleaning cycles if they are run consecutively. First run, a mild one, second more aggressive, and third very aggressive. Printing anything between these cycles resets it to No.1. A lot of ink is used up on the most aggressive cycle.

I think the RX500 uses the T0481 - T0485 series of cartridges, and Yes, they are pricey in the high street, PCWorld price is about £11.99 each. Shop around. I buy sets of 6 cartridges for less than £30

PS. I have the RX620 - and will not be putting anything other than genuine EPSON cartridges in it.

Paper is important too, to get the colour right. If I print onto non-Epson paper, the results I get are dissappointing too.

That is the 1st thing I thought too. Cheep ink. I have put some other ink in to it and the colour is good. The lines I am talking about are very regular not like fault lines that can be all over the place. Thay are regular almost like pixilation exept as I say line not the boxes you would get with pixilation. Will try cleaning the heads a few more times and see if that gets rid of this problem. Any info on how to tell the diffrence from a printer problem or quality of products used? thanks very much daba

  pj123 16:25 14 Jul 2005

daba, "But ask yourself this question. If the inks can be made that cheaply, why aren't the printer manufacturers lowering their prices to wean people back to theirs"?

The main reason is because they sell the Printers cheap and get their money back on the consumables, ie. ink.

I have two Epson printers and have always used compatible ink from click here and have never had any problems with printing.

  woodchip 16:30 14 Jul 2005

Try printing at a higher DPI

I thought I was printing at the top end using printer setting for best quality photo. Is there some way of puting the DPI up out with the usual priter options? The Thing is I am trying to set up my self to do photography full time so need the best quality of large print I can do. Thanks pj123, Thanks very much Woodchip

  daba 21:21 14 Jul 2005

"The main reason is because they sell the Printers cheap and get their money back on the consumables, ie. ink."

But don't you think they know the ratio of their printers sold to their ink cartridges being bought?

I'm certain their marketing people have by now realised that if they were to drop their prices, then a large proportion of the 'deserters' would buy them in preference to the compatibles, in order to maintain their warranties.

Perhaps the real reason is that they can't really sell them cheaper without losing something on the 'quality' angle, I dunno.

Let's face it, there is one, and only one reason people buy compatibles, and that's because they want to save money.

But in doing so, they are taking the risk that sometime their printer is going to be trashed, and no way of getting it repaired under warranty, so the only choice is to bin it and get another.

Been there, done that, wrote the tee-shirt, read the book.... !

Perhaps its a form of self-masochism, where they are hoping to have to get another printer so they can get a better one, as they are improving all the time, LOL

  daba 21:26 14 Jul 2005

Go to your printer, right-click and choose "Properties".

On the "Main" tab you can select the 'default' printer settings, you can choose "Best Photo" here.

But whatever you decide is the default printer settings can be, and most often is, overwritten at print time by the application that is printing. So in the print dialog of the application you need to choose "Best Photo" again.

So it is probably best to leave the 'default' at, say "Text", and let the app. 'raise' the quality as and when you need it.

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