Epson RX425 Printer Problem only printing on righthand side

  andrea20 12:44 17 Sep 2011

Hi My printer is only printing on the righthand side? Can anyone advise on what's going on, and how to fix it.

Thanks Andrea

  mooly 13:32 17 Sep 2011

This may be more of a set up problem than a fault.

What do you see in print preview ? Are you selecting the correct paper size in print options etc ?

Actual print problems are more to do with blocked print heads and misaligned print heads giving poor and inconsistent printing rather than a whole area missing which is what you seem to be saying.

  Diemmess 13:43 17 Sep 2011

Are you sure the printer is set for A4 and not A5 or smaller?

Have you tried Windows test page?

If you have tried a test print and it prints an accurate full sheet the the Printer is OK and you can try this..... Look in Control Panel > Printers and Faxes >select your printer >Properties tab > Preferences and choose paper size.

This is now your default setting. It can be changed every time you go through the printer menu, but will default to this setting until you make changes here.

Over the years Epson printers have changed around. If you select too small a paper some will print in the middle others will print on the right side

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