Epson R360 weird ink replacement problem

  routine 01:56 04 Apr 2007

Hello Folks,

I bought an Epson Stylus R360 just over a month ago and have had to replace a couple of ink cartridges so far. I've used 'compatibles' with no problem. I needed to change the black cartridge tonight but, try as I might, I cannot get the printer to recognise it. It's also reporting that the magenta cartridge is incompatible too when I put the new black in even though it's half full and was supplied with the printer! When I put the old black cartridge back in the magenta is fine but it reports the black as empty (as expected). I've tried installing the latest drivers and disabling 'ink monitor' in the preferences options to no avail. Has anyone had any similar experiences, or does anyone know of a work-around or 'hack' to force the printer to print? Any suggestions would be most warmly welcomed : ) Like everyone else I only seem to get these problems when I have a deadline!! Cheers, Michael

  Technotiger 06:37 04 Apr 2007

Hi, sounds like you have a faulty black cartridge. Try another black - should not matter whether it is a compatible or not. Happened to me a little while ago (Epson R265) with a new cartridge.

  routine 11:08 04 Apr 2007

Thanks Technotiger :) I'll grab a couple on my travels today and report back. Appreciated.

  rodriguez 11:19 04 Apr 2007

Ink cartridges have chops that tell the printer the make, model, colour and model of printer it's designed for. If the wrong chip is in your cartridge the printer will just think it's incompitible. I have an Epson RX425 and the cartridges are the same shape as a lot of other Epsons for other printers. So if yout one in that fits but isn't compatible, it will just tell you so and won't print anything with it.

  routine 16:07 04 Apr 2007

Thanks fellas (or ladies). I ended up having to replace all the ink cartridges and running the nozzle-cleaning facility but go there in the end. I hope this printer holds out as it's a nice little piece of kit. Peace, Michael

  jack 17:05 04 Apr 2007

Here are some hints re this Chip business
something I do but am not making any promises.
1.Load the ssc utility click here this may be upto speed with the latest Epsons.
2. Buy a zapper this gadget zeros the chips.
3. before you throw the empty Epson carts away
prize off the chips. If you get trouble with a
compat swap the chips and zero it with either the
Zapper or the SSC utility

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