epson r300 printer

  geedad 21:32 22 Jun 2010

I am looking for an exploded view of an Epson R300 printer, to disassemble it then put it together again after cleaning it. I don't know if one exists, but would appreciate it if anyone has one.

  ashdav 21:56 22 Jun 2010

I stripped mine without one to clean it and didn't have any problems.
Only two things to watch out for - the sponge on the
left hand side is soaked with ink and can get everywhere. Pull it out with a pair of long nosed pliers before you start.
The lcd screen has a small ribbon cable attached which is a bit fiddly to put back.
If the cd carrier is not loading properly thoroughly clean the bottom surface then rough it a bit to provide purchase for the rollers.
I used a nylon scourer.

  northumbria61 22:05 22 Jun 2010

Anything here ?

click here=

  geedad 23:12 22 Jun 2010

Many thanks to you both, a great help!

  geedad 14:47 23 Jun 2010

I've come back!
Is it the LEFT as you look at the front, or LEFT as you view from the back?

  northumbria61 11:06 24 Jun 2010

I would imagine it is LEFT as viewed from the front.

  ashdav 00:23 25 Jun 2010

Left as you look into the top (from the front)
and before you unscrew or remove anything.
The sponge is approx 15mm x 40mm.

  ashdav 00:29 25 Jun 2010

It will wash out with water and a bit of soap powder ( I used Ariel bio )but keep your fingers off it if you're fussy as you will get black fingers

  geedad 06:55 25 Jun 2010

Thanks again for the tips. I always get caught out with printer ink, but having now learned the lesson, throw-away plastic gloves might be the answer!
What tools did you use to take the printer apart,
what did you clean and where did you start?
Thanks again!

  ashdav 18:22 25 Jun 2010

I cleaned the rubber rollers with spray window cleaner and a lint free cloth removed the ink cartridges to carefully wipe the print heads.
Plus any muck around.
Remove all the slides and lids by sliding back one of the hinge pins.
It's sprung to allow this.
The case splits horizontally with most screws being underneath. There aren't many. Then unclick it to remove the top part.Watch for the ribbon cable to the lcd display.
All the innards stay in the bottom.
All you need is a Philips screwdriver. I wouldn't recommend disturbing the gearing as it would be virtually impossible to put back.

  geedad 20:09 25 Jun 2010

Thanks again. When I get round to having a go, the information and advice you have offered will be invaluable. I am just waiting for a cool, spare day before I tackle it!
I most certainly will let you know how it works out, and thanks again.

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