Epson R220 problem

  Joe R 18:19 10 Nov 2008

Hi all,

just got a new ciss system for my R220, and after installing, it printed off around 12 photos I was waiting for.

Tried to print today, and the printer is coming up with "paper jam" warning, but ejects the paper without any problem. Also in the last hour, there has been two red lights flashing, (after uninstalling and reinstall. I cannot find anything jammed, or any rollers that do not turn freely.

The SCC utility will not work in any way, and does not seem to recognise the printer. (both before and after the uninstall)

Has anyone got any pointers, or will I have to get myself a new printer.

  Joe R 20:13 10 Nov 2008


  woodchip 20:16 10 Nov 2008

Did to select you printer from the list, is it in the list of printers?????

  woodchip 20:18 10 Nov 2008

Sorry I think I now know what you are on about, a continues Ink System!!!!! You need to check if its dragging on the printer carriage

  Joe R 20:27 10 Nov 2008


it's not dragging on the printer carriage.

This is the third one I have installed, and have had no problems with either of the first two.

  woodchip 20:28 10 Nov 2008

well it sounds like its something to do with that, Why not remove it and try it as before then try reinstall it

  Joe R 22:07 10 Nov 2008


sorry for taking so long, after trawling x amount of forums, I am now under the assumption that the printer is so clogged full of ink, that I have two choices, 1, throw it away, or 2, try and strip it down, clean the waste pads and build it back up.

Actually, i've plumped for 3, and ordered a new printer, and will work on this one when I have a couple of days off next week. :-)

Thank you for your input.

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