Epson R220 Printer

  halesy 21:39 13 Jun 2008

I am having problem with my printer.
I get a message saying "parts in your printer are near the end of their service life".
Also I have 2 red lights flashing (ink and waste).
I have run SSC utility and it doesnt do anything.
Any ideas ?


  woodchip 21:43 13 Jun 2008

Yes the printer as to be taken apart to clean the waste pads may need other service parts also. messy job not one I would like, as I only tried it once. it then as to be reset with the tool you used

  Stuartli 00:06 14 Jun 2008

This may save a lot of unnecessary worries in the future:

click here

Also consider using SSC Service Utility:

click here

  jakimo 06:34 14 Jun 2008

An Epson repair station will charge £80 for this service.

halesy has tried SSC to no effect

  jack 08:25 14 Jun 2008

As all ready mentioned- a messy job -not for ther fient hearted.

Using the SSC utility- when the programs is installed you have to learn how to use it.
The desk top wind allow you to set the printer make/model.
Then go to the bootom task bar icon and RIGHT click to get the pop up menu -click on 'Reset counters'.
The machine can also be res set by holding down the
Wrror/Ink buttons- and switching thew machine off then on by doing so
Check out click here reset epson r220

With regarding changine the innk pad there is an easy fix - I done to both of my machines works a treat
[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  jack 08:31 14 Jun 2008

The spell check decided to go on strike this morning.
A further detail to the waste ink collector.
At the back of the machine there is a small door.
Take out screw -remove door[I cut hole and replaced it - but it can be left off]
Inside to the left is the waste ink tube[perhaps buried under foam] a pair of tweezers to lift it out- try not to pull- other wise the ink pump end may come off - very messy - then proceed as illustration.

  halesy 08:38 14 Jun 2008

The printer is working fine again now.
I think I had the wrong model selected on SSC.

Thank You all for your posts and tips.

  jack 08:42 14 Jun 2008

In time if you leave the situation ink will start pooling one paper track and spoil printouts.

Do have a go at the external catcher.

  spuds 11:41 14 Jun 2008

If it does require a Epson appointed agents service, then check the prices as it appears there are no set Epson service rates. I have been quoted £40/£60 for resolving the same problem, by two different agents for an Epson R220.

  pj123 11:58 14 Jun 2008

My local Epson Express Repair centre charges a flat fee of £15.

  conrail 12:44 14 Jun 2008

bump as I have an epson R220, SSC came with the installation disc, have had the printer a couple of years so I asume the waste pads will soon need to be sorted, had no idea this could happen so thanks halesy for the post and to all others for help and suggestions

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